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Wulebgr Chess

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“Three of life's finer pleasures: poetry, a well-played game of chess, and a wild trout hitting a hand-tied fly."


Here are a few games where my play was tolerable:
Players Result Description
IM John vs. Wulebgr 1/2 In this simul the IM performed 26-2-2. I had a clear chance to win this game at two different points, blowing both.
Wulebgr vs. Keith 1/2 After the game, my opponent told me this was the first game he failed to win playing the black side against the King’s Gambit. I sacrificed a rook to force a draw from an inferior position.
Phil vs. Wulebgr 1/2 After my opponent made a slight inaccuracy in the opening, I became aggressive. His solid play created a crisis where I (surprisingly) found the right move. He then missed the win in a KR vs. K3P endgame.
levertthouse vs. Wulebgr 0-1 This Benko Gambit found a hole in my opponent’s opening preparation, propelling me to a new personal high rating on USCL. Hiarcs 9 annotated the game for me.
vectra vs. Wulebgr 1/2 My initial effort with the Marshall Attack might have been more successful if I had continued with the courage of my convictions. Still, I finished the Closed Spanish thematic with an even score against some tough opponents.
Wulebgr vs. Nemesio 1-0 The King’s Gambit is a powerful weapon. Black might get away with one inaccuracy, but not two if the white player knows how to apply pressure.