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Wulebgr Chess

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En su grave rincón, los jugadores
Rigen las lentas piezas. El tablero
Los demora hasta el alba en su severo
Ambito en que se odian dos colores.

Set in their studious corners, the players
Move the gradual pieces. Until dawn
The chessboard keeps them in its strict confinement
With its two colors set at daggers drawn.

Jorge Luis Borges, from “Ajedrez [Chess]”

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Wulebgr Chess celebrates the poetry of the ancient game. The poetic reveals itself in a well orchestrated chess combination, as much as it does when a wild trout hits a perfectly cast fly, or when a master such as Borges puts words on paper.

Chess curries more international favor than any similar pursuit. It may have been the “royal game” (and a suitable courtship ritual for princes and princesses) in the Medieval era and the Renaissance, but today it is a mental sport of conflict that brings people together all over the world.

I pursue conflict with (usually) friendly adversaries across the globe principally three ways: “live” games at several sites where I play as “Wulebgr;” email and server-based correspondence games; and over the board (OTB) games with friends, students, and in tournaments. 

This site's critical reviews of playing sites are its primary feature that I still maintain regularly, but you can also find some  instructive games, lessons in basic strategy, information concerning useful software, and literary comments. My performance in competition indicates that my skills are above average; so, if you are a budding master or one in full bloom, the instruction offered here may be good for no more than a chuckle.

After 47. … Ng8, it appears black will survive. Should white concede the draw?


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Updated 18 July 2008