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After the Apple

From: LadyKate

Absolutely lovely. I can't quote any favorite lines because the whole thing is wonderful.

Ballad of Azhure

From: Fierymanifesto

That was really good, if you were looking for accuracy then you missed a few things, but if you're looking for a tiny epic, then you'd find it in spades in your poem. I like it.

The Beginning

From: Lucia

I liked it very much. It's very different from most of the stories I've read and I'm always happy when I have the opportunity to read something different and well written. When I read the first two pages I thought I would enjoy the rest of it and I did. I liked the idea you had for the story and I loved the way you told it. And most of all, I liked "to be inside Xena's mind" for a while. :D
By the way, let me take the opportunity to tell you that I love your covers. I know it sounds silly, but I think a nice cover makes a good fanfic even better! :D I think you made very simple and beautiful covers for "SKIN TIGHT" and "A TWIST OF FATE". It's a pity you didn't make one for "A GOOD TURN". I bet it would be a very nice cover.

I finally got a chance to make that cover! You can view it here.

From: Thanatos Nemesis
Wicked story, like how you said "The beginning" at the end of the story, instead of "the end" if that made any sense to you, then YAY! if it didnt, well thats ok! I love your writing, and I like your poetry, though i dont ofter READ poetry, i have read some of yours!
From: Katie
It's a great story!! I wish i could write like you!! I write stories, too. I post them on this website. It's called

The Birds Will Cry

From: Carly

Beautiful; both the ideas and the way of writing them. Gabrielle and Ares as love and war is a brilliant idea. Aphrodite was exactly right, too. Great story.
From: LadyKate
A beautiful story! While the subject matter is pretty grim, the story manages to have a gentle, wistful lyricism about it. It is shockingly visual at times (particularly the part about Gabrielle watching Xena's body burn in the fire), and the characters' emotions are conveyed no less vividly. I love the idea of Gabrielle becoming a goddess so that she can mourn with Ares, and help preserve the humanity he has gained.
From: Destroyer of Nations
This was a great story! I loved how Dite gave up her immortality for Gabrielle. It was sad and bittersweet...nice job!

A Good Turn

From: Carly

I think this was one of the first shipper stories I ever read, and it's remained one of my favourites. I love both the representations of the characters, and the small details of their surroundings. I remember following the action so carefully that my face was an inch away from the monitor!

Eternity Broken

From: Seren

Wonderful, as always, Tango. I wanted to re-read it after reading book two. Your X/A interaction is phenomenal. Can't wait for the rest of book 2!

Fortuna's Champion

From: Rhea Spark

Wow, that's got to be thee best Xena story I've read in a long while. Scratch that--it was the best. Please write more!!!
From: Lisa
One of the best Ares/Xena stories ever! Very moving and powerful... Hope there are more stories to come in the future.
From: Jenn Miszewski
This was a very well written story. I enjoyed ready it very much. I couldn't wait to get back to my room every day to continue reading it. Thank you.
From: agentbanana20
From: gypsycdk
I have enjoyed reading them a great deal and can't wait for the rest of it. Hope to see more! Thanks!
From: agentbanana20
hey tango when are you going to enlighten us with a continuation of the story, I'm dying to find out how the story ends.
From: Amber
I just wanted to drop by here and say how incredibly jealous I am of Tango's writing ability... every single thing I've read of hers takes me off into a different world. Hers is some of the most vivid writing I've read, and, IMO, we are very lucky to have her as a shipper. Keep it up. :-)
From: Cressid
You know that I've always had the highest regard for your work, and my time away from the fandom has only served to reinforce what I already are a fantastic storyteller. I am instantly drawn in by your writing - was it only yesterday that we spent hours chatting about our favorite couple? Beautiful work. Your love of your craft is obvious. I always said you were better at this than I am...and you went and proved me right. I couldn't be happier :) Thank you!
From: Catherine
This is really good!!! Please write more to it!!!!

Into the Dawn

From: Lyla

It's the best story I've ever read in my life. I don't know how to describe it... Everything was perfect, for the first time in my life I felt that I could keep reading it forever. I can't call it a fanfic beacuse it's better than the show. It all felt so realistic and everybody was in character. :)
From: LadyKate
I've just re-read this for the fifth or sixth time at least, and I never cease to marvel at the sheer lyrical beauty of this story. You have an amazing ability to capture a variety of emotional states, from the redemptive joy of Ares and Xena's lovemaking to the excruciatingly sad moment when love goes out of the world. "... an odd emptiness fluttering down in my chest like a sail suddenly torn at the seams" -- what a wonderful line!
The ending is hopeful without being mushy. I love YAT, but I almost wish they'd done it this way instead. ;-)
From: Carly, that odd girl who lives in a shack in the wilds of the mountains
Reread this for the millionth time. Each time I read it I love it more. It's the most believable fic, in terms of Xena and Ares coming together despite their past, that I've ever read. It's also the most lyrically beautiful fic... I love how the underlying sadness is overcome by the hope in the last line.

From: Elfrieda

Beautiful story. I love your writing! You did an excellent job of 'creating' the world without love, and the Ares/Xena interaction is fantastic.

Learning To Make Fire

From: Stacie

Hi, I check your site every now and then; glad to have found something new! Just when I didn't think I was into the show as much anymore, I read this peice. It showed character depth and style...I loved it! Just how I would love to write if I had the talent!
Not Alone

From: Carly

Love this one. I like most of all Ares' realisation of his loneliness. I like their tentative beginning right at the end.


From: LadyKate

Another gem. Every line is wonderful -- perfectly evokes the "feel" of the ending of CH.


From: Carly

This is my favourite poem. It is true and simple and perfect.

Under Siege

From: Yama_Neko

Awww. That was cool.

The Waiting

From: LadyKate

Wow, Tango--how did I manage to miss this before? It's amazingly, heartbreakingly beautiful. Thanks for another lovely A/X poem.

Translation Reviews
A Tiny Heroic Feat

From: Olga

Zdorovo u tebya poluchaetsya perevodit'! -- "You do a great job of translating!"

Artwork Reviews
Ares, God of War (sketch)

From: Amber

Wow, Tango - is there anything you can't do? *wide eyes* That's fantastic!! I am very jealous of you!

From: Liz

it is soooo fake so it does not matter how sketch-like u made it.... IT IS FAKE
I'm flattered. *G* I assure you, the sketch is real.

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