You are there. I am here.
What's between us? Just aether,
Only air, only earth, only twilight and dawn.
In this house of echoes your footsteps are hidden
Safe among the lost voices.
But then --
Silence squelches in raindrops
And thunders through shutters,
Silence pours itself out in splashes of loss
And the bittersweet rain
Tastes like closeness, like tears
And I know you're not crying
From there down to earth.

Still I can't help but wonder
Where the storm hides your footsteps
And I wish I could know
Why the dust smells like grief
In the lightning flash darkness
I miss you
I miss you
And I no longer care
What is best for the world.

I have seen war up close
Far too often, I know
War can never be won, tamed or balanced by love
Love is stronger than war,
In the end it still triumphs
And I know you'll return --
If I wait long enough.

Tango 10 March 2002

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