Poetry Translations by Tango -- A TINY HEROIC FEAT, Nautilus Pompilius


Lyrics: Nautilus Pompilius
Translated by: Tango

If you want to take a walk on my head
Go ahead
I'll show you the way
And I know just what I want

I just ask, I just ask
Please take care
You see, it's so easy to break
All that took so long to be born inside me
Don't hurry to stamp too heavily on my head

You see chairs here and walls,
Windows, tables, people consumed by fire
Here I'll be become a fool,
Or a dreaming ancient miser,
But that's not it, not it at all -
Here, I'm happy.

Right behind the cerebellum
You'll find my home
It's simple and small,
And inside my home
You'll find only waiting.
But don't hurry, don't hurry
You see - here, I'm happy.

In the whirlwind of everyday,
Will you find a reason
To come by here again?
But in reply you rush through my skull
And sparks fly from my eyes

Having walked through me,
You will know who I am
For eternity;
I'll become boring for you
And a bit too confining -
But that's all nonsense, trifling nonsense
There's a reason to keep living
You see, in my head there remains
The light, firm, wide footprint you left
Look - I am born once again,
Knowing the depth of others' pain,
Knowing the depth of my own desires.
This is my tiny heroic feat - for you.
All my life is a tiny heroic feat, for you.

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