When you were brought into a world
Still young and selfish, incomplete
With no one to hear you laugh
And no one to love or hurt
You were alone.
Who is to blame for damage done,
For what remains of endless life
For something that you failed to learn
For something you were never taught --
It hardly matters:
Fear and strife were born of
Ache and need.
The sun is setting on this world
And in its light we both are burning
An ancient coldness set alight
A binding promise.
Don't close your eyes against my touch
But feel its newness and its blessing;
A touch that holds no fear, no lust
No hatred, no desire, no anger --
A touch you could have never felt
Caught in an infinite existence,
It is my gift for a rebirth
It's human warmth
Accept it
Live it
And I'll return.

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