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 Families Forever

Foetal diagnosis & Child loss support group


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    Friday  the 25th of Aug 7.30 PM, QLD Australia time

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    There is an article for every member of the community, please read them all! If you know of any other good ones, let me know.

    Hope you find them helpful, and you might find it useful to share them with your friends and family.

    Courtesy of benotafraid.net, Sands Qld, and Bonnie Babes Qld (2002)


    (click on the link to go to the article)


    Courier Mail article featuring FF

    Local paper featuring FF

    Is it fear? Is it grief?  

    Explaining death to children

    Why carry a dying child?

    For Fathers after a loss

    For couples after a loss

    For friends after a loss

    For grandparents after a loss

    For teachers of 0-6 year olds

    For teachers of 5-12 year olds

    Finding our your baby has an abnormality

    Who wants a defective baby?

    What to say?

    Sample birth plan

    Subsequent pregnancy

    grieving exercise 1

    grieving exercise 2

                         Remembrance certificate    (Can be printed off)