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Joseph! Joseph! Even while they stood holding your blood spattered coat you weren't down for the count! Jesus was standing there saying: Joseph you will rise again and go forth and meet your brothers on a different footing! You will arise in a different vesture. No longer will you be ashamed of thyself in the face of those brothers because of the prophetic anointing which has made thee great! For you shall stand and call them to the Lord thy God even as Samuel was called and the Lord said: Samuel! Samuel! And those brothers that have been instruments of cruelty because of their envy and strife shall hearken to the word of the Lord. And their habitation shall be in the presence of the Lord thy God for there will be those that will hearken as impossible as it seems to you at times, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it!

And even those as Reuben will He turn to the Lord thy God. Do not despise even the least of these thy brethren but be patient and apt to teach, in meekness instructing those that oppose themselves. For the Lord thy God is filled with compassion and is the Day Spring from on high and He visits you now. even here in this place of despair in which you have found thyself. But do not despair for there is a brighter day and it is day when you shall see the Lord go forth to battle as the Captain of the Host. As a Mighty Warrior returning from the battle, parading His vanquished foes in chains within thy own streets.

What good thing hath the Lord thy God given you a report about with which they have not found fault? Does their fault finding spirit negate the prophetic word of the Lord thy God? Nay! In all these things we are more than conquerors! Cast ye up--Cast ye up. Prepare the way. Take up the stumbling block out of the way of the people. The stumbling block is the way they judge after the flesh and not after the power of an endless covenant says the Lord. But they must be made to see the throne of My glory through the covenant which I have made. Even if you fall 7 times the Lord upholds you with His hand. The Lord will strengthen you through the power of His endless life--through His endless covenant which cannot cease, even if the stars withdraw their shining and day and night cease.

So lift up the hands that hang down and the feeble knees and make straight your own path for have I not said in My Word that I will lift up an ensign to the people? You will be that glad and colorful flag flying high and I don't want you lying trampled in the mud! So hoist those hands in the air and let me see your sweet countenance, let me hear your sweet voice saying to Me: Come and let's go to the vineyard, for the Lord your God waits for you! And you have hung your head in shame and said to yourself: I guess I am a done deal! But you must forever be My Joseph! You must be that man of the hour because Joseph this is your finest hour and this is not the done deal that it appears to so many to be. You are My banner flying. You are My ensign held high by the Lord thy God. You are the one who was in the very loins of Abraham, and as Abraham's seed you will flourish as the palm and as the cedars of Lebanon. O come and let us build in the Mountain of the House of the Lord for it's a day of gladness of heart and not a day of darkness and fear and dejection for greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. Throw a stone into the water and watch the ripples go out. So shall thy seed be. For you will call them to come to the waters says the Lord. Let him that is athirst come and whosoever will.

So stand and measure your earth for a measuring line has surely been given unto thee. But do not measure after the measure of those that compare themselves with themselves. For I have given you a line that stretches to eternity and wraps around the throne of grace and mercy and whose plummet is in the hand of Zerubbabel thy high priest who sits forever upon the throne of David. For in him have you been found within the loins of Abraham my precious son and daughter.

And now Simeon and Levi say: I'll never be in that place God wants me to be. But if I could take it away from Joseph! If I could put him under my feet. And they stand before Me holding your blood spattered coat and they worship before Me saying: Let the Lord be glorified! Their own coat is blood spattered says the Lord. And their eyes have been made blind so they cannot see. Open their eyes, and do not withold or hide it from them of all the things that the Lord says unto thee, but tell them every whit, that the Lord may do to them what seems good. For you shall grow up before Me as a tender plant and I will let none of those words which I give thee fall to the ground. And that bloody ground from which the blood of Abel yet cries--even the bloody coat of Joseph will testify against them in that day if they hear not the Word of the Lord.

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