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Lady Eveline's artistic attic with poems, music, lyrics, paintings, memorial, sayings, award program

Welcome to my artistic attic

~~~ Lady Eveline ~~~



How can the fool become wiser
when being afraid of asking "why"?
How can the explorer find direction
when not giving the stars a try?
How can the living among the living
live a life when being scared to die?
How can the believer believe in Heaven
when doubting what is beyond the sky?
How can a lover long for reunion
when he smiles when you say goodbye?
How can I confess my purest love
when I am for evermore bound to deny?


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Music: Tempus vernum by Enya
Poem: Copyright Eva-Lena Nylén © All Rights Reserved 2003
All content on this site: Copyright Eva-Lena Nylén © All Rights Reserved 1999-2006