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Welcome to my poetry pages.

Here you will find my complete collection of all my English poems.They are all
copyrighted by me but if you like to use any of them you can write to me and ask
for permission. My email is I would be very happy if you
sign my guestbook and let me read your opinion. Carpe diem, poetry lover :)


Little boy
Woven memories
How can I say?
The wooden box
Precious to me
A birthday poem
A new beginning
Words left unsaid
Violets for Jeremy
The child in you
My guardian angel
Letter from a dead end
Awakening of a new dawn
Where flowers never fade

Inspirational poems

A poet's fear
Written Words
La Primavera
That special She
Shades of Blue
Queen of masks
A travel within
Land of the free
The great blue
Wondering of a ghost
My special Bouquet
Constellation of life
The Fortune teller
A moment of silence
My soul on a canvas
A Midsummer's tale
Tell me your story
The light of friendship
The source of consolation
Message of Enlightenment
Tears for the human race
Glasses made of chrystal
A unique and memorable day

Love poems

Tale of woe
Emerald Eyes
Glass of Sand
Tunes of Love
Devilish games
Scenery of Love
Scent of the past
Blossoms in May
My treasure trove
My favorite novel
Mountains of West
Bittersweet harvest
Hesitation of Spring
Midnight encounters
The Essence of Love
As I bid you farewell
View from a window
Love's sweet bouquet
Words of Perishability
The Beauty will remain
Love letter from a fading
Memories under an old oak tree

Dark or critical poems

En garde
Ode to Eve
Two Ravens
The Messenger
Kingdom of fate
Portrait of a damned
Avenue of desolation
Reflections of a greedy
Lady of the 21st Century


Music: A wish in the wind by Rodney A. Brubaker
Copyright Rodney A. Brubaker © All Rights Reserved 2004

All poems: Copyright Eva-Lena Nylén © All Rights Reserved 1999-2005