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Dedicated to Eva-Lena
My Teacher and Friend

School Days

A burst of light
A call from mother
Roused from deep slumber
Yawning, stretching, tumble from bed.

Into the kitchen
Air thick with Dad's breakfast.
Bacon, eggs, coffee, cigarette.
Dad's empty chair I climb.

A bowl of oatmeal will start the day.
A quick swab with washcloth
Hair plastered tight to scalp with hairbrush
I am out the door for another school day.

Joined with schoolmates filled with chatter
We trudge the familiar path.
Mindful of traffic and crossing guards
We march to a new day.

The ringing of bells are silenced
We sit at our desks.
Our smiling teacher bids us a cheerful good morning.
What does she have in store for us today?

Thank you, my bestest friend Richard, for dedicating this beautiful poem to me



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Painting: Surprise by Norman Rockwell
Music: Piano sonata No 1, Love-Adagio cantabile, energico by Jesse Gumm

Poem: Copyright Richard Neill All Rights Reserved 2002
Painting: Copyright Norman Rockwell All Rights Reserved 2002