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This page is devoted to the Bullfrog Assembler Tutorial series which was published in Amiga format in the early 90s.

There were five tutorials released pre AGA era. I will upload a fixed AGA main.s source. Untill then either assemble it and execute it with 'killaga' or change the chipset to OCS by resetting ECS/AGA Amiga and holding down both mouse buttons.

Or you can add the following code in main.s:

locate routine _reset_copper and the lines that are missing.

	movem.l	a0/d0,-(sp)
	movem.l	_GFXBase,a6		;a0
	move.l	wbview,a1
	jsr		-222(a6)		;_LVOLoadView
	jsr		-270(a6)		;_LVOWaitTOF
	jsr		-270(a6)		;_LVOWaitTOF
	move.l	38(a6),d0		;gb_copinit
	move.l	d0,COP1LC
	move.w	COPJMP1,d0
	movem.l	(sp)+,a0/d0

further down locate routine _setup_libs I have the following code.

;open the gfxbase
	move.l	4,a6
	lea		GFX_Name,a1
	jsr		LIB_OPEN(a6)
	move.l	d0,_GFXBase
	move.l	d0,a6
	move.l	$22(a6),wbview	;gb_ActiView
	sub.l		a1,a1
	jsr		-222(a6)		;_LVOLoadView
	jsr		-270(a6)		;_LVOWaitTOF
	jsr		-270(a6)		;_LVOWaitTOF

	move.l	a6,a1
	move.w	$ce(a1),d0		;GfxBase->DisplayFlags
(should be back to normal code by now)

And then a few lines down futher add wbview under _DosBase and _GFXBase like this:

_DosBase		dc.l	0
_GFXBase		dc.l	0
wbview		dc.l	0
GFX_Name		dc.b	'graphics.library',0
DOS_Name ;code should be back to normal by now.

Below are the tutorials scanned from Amiga Format Magazine in .pdf format.

FileMonthPagesSize Kb
Tutorial 1October 199242,821
Tutorial 2November 199232,707
Tutorial 3December 199231,895
Tutorial 4January 199323,344
Tutorial 5February 199322,381


Sun 12/3/2006: Site created, Frog logo and Man sprite ripped/PNG'd from Amiga

Mon 13/3/2006: Uploaded bf-article1.pdf and bf-article3.pdf and added gfx fix.

Sat 6/5/2006: Uploaded bf-article4.pdf thanks to Galaxy from

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