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Bacrot - Lautier (re-play)

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GM E. Bacrot (2653) - GM J. Lautier (2663) 
The French Championship - Playoff (rapid) 
 Val d'Isere, FRA; (Game #1),  31.08.2002 


     A nice attacking game ... based mostly on White's superiority in space. 

     GM Etienne Bacrot  plays very well. 

1.d4 d52.c4 dxc43.e4!?, {Diagram?}  
An old move that has rather recently come to the fore. 

     [ The main line is: 3.Nf3 ].  

3...e5!4.Nf3! Bb4+; {Diagram?} 
Sharp ... and playable. 

     [ The other line here is: 4...exd4!? ].  

5.Nc3!?, {Diagram?} 
A little off the beaten path, but nothing really radical. 

     [ The book move, (main line); here is:  5.Bd2!?
with good play for White. ].  

5...exd46.Nxd4 Ne7!?;  {Diagram?} 
Simple development. 

     [ Maybe better is: >=  6...Qe7!, {Diagram?} when Black has good play. ].  

White continues to build on an ever-growing space advantage. 
7.Bxc4 0-0
8.Be3 Nbc6!?9.Ndb5 Bd7!?10.a3! Ba5!?11.b4 Bb6;  

12.Bxb6 axb613.f4!? Na7!?14.Nxa7 Rxa715.0-0 Ng6!?16.Qf3!? c6;  

17.Qg3!? Qc7!?18.h4!? Ne719.a4! Qd6!?; {Diagram?} 
This allows a combination. 

     [  Black's last chance may have been to try:  >=  19...b5!;  "<=>"  {Diagram?}
         with good counterplay. ].  

20.Rad1! Qxb4!?; {Diagram?} 
Black continues his bid for counterplay ... and a little freedom. 

     [ Maybe wiser was: 20...Qc7!? ].  

21.Bxf7+ Rxf722.Rxd7 Ra823.Rfd1+/- Raf8!?; {Diagram?} 
Black is in a terrible bind. 

     [ 23...Re8 ].  

24.f5 Kh825.Kh2! Qc526.Ne2!? Ng8?!(Maybe - '?')  {Diagram?} 
A mistake in an unenviable position. 

(It looks like ...Qc2; was Black's only chance.).  

27.Nf4, ('!')  "+/-" {Diagram?} 
Black Resigns. 

  1 - 0 

  (Code initially generated with the program,  ChessBase 8.0.)  

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