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Annotated Games # 2

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This is a page, which I added in September, 2002. 
This is a continuation of the previous page, which ended with one of the most 
 interesting games I have ever annotated. 
(It is also one of my best jobs of game annotation, ever.) 
(Karpov - Kasparov; {#2}  World Championship Match. Game # 16.) 
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This page is a continuation of that idea, bringing you the finest annotated games
 on the Internet - period. If you like these games, please be sure to contact me


A note to all of my fans and supporters:  
  Thanks to a VERY generous patron, who sent me a donation to cover the cost,  
  I now have  CHESSBASE 9.0.  This includes the MEGA package, the new, really  
big database, the new openings book, the correspondence database, The {new} 
5-disc set of the NALIMOV ENDGAME TABLES, etc. 

  Hopefully, this can only help make the quality of my analysis much better!!!  

I am going to start this page with a few of the games from the very well known match ... 
between two super-stars. Chess players who carried, "The Honor of their countries 
upon their shoulders." (As was written in the newspapers of that time.) 

I am referring to the series of games played between  A. MacDonnell - the great 
English and the great French player,  L.C. de LaBourdonnais.  

This is the  FIRST  (recorded) great game of chess  ...  maybe ever!!  
  ( GM Ruben Fine  says that this is the  very   FIRST   IMMORTAL  game of chess!!! )  


This is the game:
  Louis Charles de LaBourdonnais - Alexander MacDonnell;  
 Third Match,  Game number Fifty.  (# 50.) 
  This is absolutely one of the best games of the the 19th century!! 
 Black's (mostly positional) sacrifice befuddled players of that time ... 
  (Staunton later called Black's combination, "completely unsound."  
  But he was dead wrong! As were many of the folks who commented on this game.)  
  ...  but my deep (computer-assisted) analysis reveals this game 
 to be 100% sound! A super-brilliancy ... of the first magnitude!! 


  One of my all-time favorite "fun" books is: 
  "The Complete Chess Addict,"  by  Mike Fox  and  Richard James
  This is game #1 in their selection of:
  "The Sixty Greatest Games of Chess Ever Played."  


  Maybe A. MacDonnell's greatest game!!  
  ( I christen this game,  "The 1st Great Jewel of England." )  

   Click  HERE   to go there now!!!   

 This is the  SECOND   great chess game ...  maybe ever!!  
This is the game:
 Alexander MacDonnell - Louis Charles de LaBourdonnais; 
 Match, France vs. England 
  Fourth Match, Game number Sixteen.  (# 16.)  
This is absolutely one of the best games of the whole of the 19th century. 
Black gets a big pawn roller and an attack.  The final position of this game is 
  as beautiful and as creative as  any  problem I have ever seen! 
One of the true chess masterpieces.  


  I call this game,  
  "The LaBourdonnais ...  {Super}  IMMORTAL GAME!!!"
  I also refer to this game as:  "The ULTIMATE Pawn-Roller."  


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  Click  HERE  to see one of the nicest attacks by anyone, anytime!  
  (A great example of the very fine attacking skill of L.C. de LaBourdonnais.)  

 Click  HERE  to see the well-annotated game: 

L. Paulsen - Paul Morphy
 1st American Chess Congress (4-6) 
  New York, 11/1857.  


This is one of Paul Morphy's greatest games, 
 and deserves to be better known than it is. 

  Click  HERE  to see the game, 
  GM Larry Evans - GM Arthur Bisguier
  U.S. Championships, New York, N.Y. (U.S.A.)  1959


This is a game that took  MONTHS  to analyze ... 
and almost 2 weeks of work to ready for publication on the Internet. 
  Check it out!!! One of the prettiest endings to a game as has ever been seen!  

Click  HERE  to see the game: 
 GM Emmanuel Lasker  -  NM J.H. Bauer; 
   International Chess TournamentAmsterdam,  (NED); 1889.  


 I took my time with this game and annotated it VERY carefully. 
 I also consulted ALL the pertinent references for this great game. 


 A fresh look at one of the great games of chess. 

  Click  HERE  to see the excellent game:  
 GM Eduard Gufeld  -  GM Lubosh Kavalek
 World Student Olympiad 
  Marianske LazneCzechoslovakia1962.  

 GM Andrew Soltis  considers the the  SEVENTH  (# 7)  best game ...  
  of the whole if the 20th Century!!!  

 It certainly is a great game, one of the finest ever played. 


  My analysis is a very fresh look at this wonderful encounter.  
(I have found MANY errors in both Nunn's, Emms's, and Soltis's 
 analysis of this great and wonderful game!) 

   Click  HERE  to see the very famous game:   

  GM  Richard Reti - GM  Efwim Bogolyubov;  
 International Chess Tournament; 
 New York City, NY  (USA)  1924. 


This is not a deeply annotated game, but it is a great game. 
One of the most beautiful and elegant GM games ever played.
It also won the FIRST BRILLIANCY PRIZE at this event. 

Click  HERE  to see the fabulous game: 

GM Garry Kasparov - GM Anatoly Karpov; 
 FIDE World Championship Match
 (London/Leningrad, 1986.) 


This is a medium (depth) annotated game. 
It is one of the great all-time WCS series games. It is also a fantastic Ruy Lopez. 
  While maybe not a perfect game, it is fantastically complicated game. 
 A battle royale, where Garry sacrifices a whole hatful of pieces. 
 MANY of the GM's who were watching this game thought Karpov 
was winning until the very end. A great game to study to improve your 
tactics. It is also fascinating to analyze this game with a computer. 

Click  HERE  to see the following great game:

GM  R.J.  ("Bobby")  Fischer  (2685)  
GM  Oscar Panno  (2496)
Buenos Aires,  ARG  (Round # 8),   1970  


A nicely annotated game  - with one diagram -
that is a favorite of many Masters.
 (It is also one of my favorite Fischer games.)

 Click  HERE  to see the game: 

 GM Vladimir Kramnik  (2807) - Deep Fritz 7.0  (est. 2695) 
[E15]  Game # 6 
 "Man versus Machine" Match 
 Manama, Bahrain2002. 


 Did GM Kramnik have to sacrifice a piece? Did Kramnik miss a win here? 
Was the final position drawn? Did the Fritz team cheat? 


 ALL of these questions are answered at this  web site!! 

 Click  HERE  to see the game: 


GM Mikhail Botvinnik (2700)GM Vassily Smyslov (2675) 
 (FIDE) World Championship Match,  (Game # 14) 
  Moscow,  U.S.S.R.  (RUS)    1954.    

GM Andrew Soltis considers this the  FINEST  game (of its type) 
ever played at the World Championship Series. 

 GM Vassily Smyslov considers it one of his very  BEST  games. 


Click  here  to see the game:  

GM  David Bronstein (2575)  -  GM  Ljubo Ljubojevic (2680) 
 Petropolis (FIDE) Interzonal 
 Brazil, South America1973

 This could be one of the most complicated games EVER played!!! 

 Be sure to check it out. 

  Click  here  to see the game:  

 GM Lev Polugaeyevsky  -  IM Rashid Nezmetdinov
 RSFSR Championships. 
  Sochi, U.S.S.R.  (Russia);    1958.   

This is a game many consider to be one of the greatest 
of all time. It is also one of the most amazing and daring
ingenious Queen sacrifices ever played. 

 You MUST check this one out!! 

 Click  HERE  to see  the  great game: 

Vladimir Alortsev (2495) - GM  Issac Boleslavsky  (2680) 
U.S.S.R./ Soviet Championships  (Finals) 

 Moscow, RUS;    1950 

This is truly a fantastic game of chess, many authors have rated it as one of the greatest games of chess of all time. (Jimmy Adams says it is easily one of the best games of the whole decade of the 1950's.)  GM Andy Soltis ranks it in the  "Top 50"  of the entire 20th Century. GM J. Nunn calls it: ... "a celebrated brilliancy, and one of Boleslavsky's best games." I could go on and on, but by now you should have gotten the idea. Check it out! 

 Click  HERE  to see the great game: 

GM  Peter Leko - GM  Teaymour Radjabov
XX Super-GM Tournament
 Linares, ESP;    2003.   


This is a fantastic game, and there are actually  THREE  pages devoted to this game!!
(A text-score page, with several beautiful diagrams, a js-replay page, AND  a page 
  with the LCC commentator; IM Malcolm Pein's comments and analysis.)

This is probably the encounter that should have been awarded the prize for best game of the tournament. (Instead they gave it to the severely flawed Kasparov-Radjabov encounter.) 

   Click  HERE  to see the game:   

GM Garry Kasparov (2750) - GM Anatoly Karpov (2730) 
FIDE World Championship, (Return Match) 
London, ENG; ---> Leningrad, RUS;  (Game #22)1986. 

A game of great brilliancy. It was game of the year, best game for that issue of the Informant, and picked as the best game of the year by the readers of the Russian magazine, "64." It was also praised by great players like Botvinnik and Smyslov shortly after it was played. 

My analysis - which took  MONTHS  to complete - indicates it is actually  BETTER  than previously thought!! Truly a game of great brilliancy ... you MUST check this one out! 

   Click  HERE  to see the deeply annotated game:   

Rashid Nezhmetdinov (2650) - Oleg Chernikov (2525) 
 Russian Federated Team Championship 
Rostov-on-Don, RUS1962.

This is one of the most amazing and scintillating sacrifices ever played. 

This game took MANY months of dedicated, hard work to analyze, and almost three weeks of effort to finish and polish the HTML code. There is both a text-based page AND a js-replay format page. This is a GREAT game to study to help you learn tactics. It will blow you away!! That's a promise! 

  Click  HERE  to see the nearly unbelievable game of:  

GM Garry Kasparov (2675) - GM Lajos Portisch (2630) 
(Super) GM Tournament
 Niksic, YUG1983.

 ---> This game must be one of the finest Garry has ever played, many titled players have personally told me it is one of the most brilliant and complicated games ever played. A really fine game.

This is certainly one of the best games a young Garry ever played. The sacrifice that Garry played is certainly one of the most astounding of the whole of the Twentieth Century.  (Posted: Thursday; May 08, 2003.) 

    Click  HERE  to see the awesome game of:  

IM Stefano Tatai (2460) - GM Anatoly Karpov (2705) 
All-Master Tournament
Las Palmas, (ESP);    1977.    

 --->  This could be one of Anatoly Karpov's very best games. An attacking game that would do credit to any player!

Many distinguished judges and players picked this as  THE  game of 1977. 

I also have done a fair job of annotating this game for you. Additionally, I have given 
you all of the references where you can find good analysis of this great game. 
 (Posted:  Wednesday;  May 14th, 2003.)  

   Click  HERE  to see the super-fantastic game of:  

 GM A. Karpov - GM V. Topalov 
Super-GM Tournament

Linares, Spain; 1994.

  -----> A great game. 
Many annotators have taken a whack at this game, and most have gotten it wrong. 

This must be one of Karpov's greatest games. (It really is the most brilliant game of that tournament. It didn't really win the brilliancy prize ... but that is another story.) And it came during one of the greatest single tournament performances ever!! (PERIOD ... and bar none!!!) One of the greatest sacrificial games ... Karpov sacks a Rook ... THREE TIMES!!!


This is the  LAST  game I will be posting on this page!  (This entry posted:  Sunday;  May 18th, 2003.)   

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