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Welcome to the Nintendo Supersite. Here you will find info, music, and pics for NES, SNES, Gameboy, and N64 games. ROMS of classic NES and SNES games are available at the Nintendo Database (currently down).

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03 Dec 03 - Hey I got an awesome haul at the flea market some gems... things slowin down here cuz im makin a new site with a friend from, Cmosfm. Classic Games and Rants Its still new, and now much on it, so give it some time and visit us again!

07 Nov 03 - hey guys..... this hurts....alot....(i was passenger) car pic 1 car pic 2 and only one hand werks....

23 Oct 03 - I updated my nes collection and crossed off the games ive purchased from my want list. I'm gonna bitch about stuff on my blog now...

22 Oct 03 - I picked up Megaman 6 and Home Alone 2 this weekend. I also made a blog

13 Oct 03 - Oh yeah, hot stuff. One of my Air Force buddies sent me his U-Force controller for the NES. Not sure if i have all the pieces, but hey, you even ever SEEN one of these things before?

13 Oct 03 - I just took two mid terms at college (Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania). I hate school now. Not too bad on my computer science mid-term, but the Music Listening one....wooo. Anyway, i convinced my step-dad to get DSL hooked up to the crib (all i had to do was offer to pay for it!), so maybe, just maybe, ill get back into this website stuff. Maybe at least a blog. My step-brothers got a million-hit blog, i should follow in his footsteps and become a god. I now own apprx. 263 NES games, and i believe i may get into Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! again. All my buddies back on the Gamefaqs message boards like competition, so i might at well make myself look worthy.

15 Sep 03 - brought home another 13 NES games, 3 N64 Games, and 2 SNES games. I dont have any certain reason to buy one of the newest generation systems, so i dont think im gonna buy one unless a need comes up. College is takin up alot of time anyway... Im gonna go count my total number of video games.... somewhere around 385

01 Aug 03 - I just spent $150 on Nintendo: My NES Stuff

27 July 03 - Im officially home, but im still on active duty orders. I just bought like another 20 NES games bringing my total to 160. At this time 2 years ago, i had only 33 games. I cant do too much to this site until college starts, and i dont know what im really gonna do. Id like to start something new, or do something different again. Who knows what will happen?

02 May 03 - Oh god, whats happening to me? My unusual talent to become god at certain video games after playing them for awhile is making me contemplate buying an XBox. I absolutely hated the Xbox and the controller when i first joined the military. But i got here to tech school and i saw my buddies playin Halo. They let me try, and i did sorta good. I started playing every couple days, and then finally, I understood the controls. I convinced my roommate to buy Halo for his XBox, and 1 month later, after day-long weekly tournaments with up to 16 people.....yeah. Now my roommate hates me because i beat him 15-2 one time. Im trying to teach him. Its all about experience. Wolfenstein, Duke Nukem, Doom, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, it all adds up. I dont know if anyone back home will be able to play me, cuz they dont have an Xbox. So i dont know if I should get it.....

05 Apr 03 - Now i have only 3 months to go at Air Force Tech School (Ft. Gordon, Georgia), then I come home. Then I start college, then i'll continue my qwest to rule the world!

12/7/02 - Well, I just graduated Air Force Basic Training, and i'm currently attending Tech School at Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi. This is my first week, so i have no classes, and the weekend is a free weekend. I dread updating this site from an internet cafe, but where else am i gonna do it? I'm going home for Christmas from Dec 21 - Jan 2. I'm gettin a Gameboy Advance and a crapload of Games for Christmas. Since it costs $0.10 a minute to use the net here at Keesler, im never gonna actually update my site. Too expensive. I have 7 months of Tech School left. Lucky me.

9/8/02 - I made 2 new Editorial pages. I see that we I had 40 new visitors in 4 days. Im on the road back to resurrection.

9/7/02 - I will soon start construction of my own PORTABLE NES....

9/6/02 - the first thing I'm gonna do when i get off work, is to give my site a graphical makeover. It will never look the same. It might take a few days. It will be set up completely different, and the main point of the site might change just a little bit....

9/5/02 - I "borrowed" some code a couple days ago and made my own "The Matrix" page that has a really neat effect. Check this thing out.....The Matrix.

9/4/02 - Ive spent so much time "hanging out" and working that i totally forgot about this site....whoops. When i quit my job in 2 weeks, i'll have a month to do nothing before i enter the service (PA Air National Guard). Im currently buying Nintendo Stuff on Ebay, and resubmitting myself to multiple search engines. Im gonna go to Duquesne University in a couple weeks, some game stuff might happen, so i might do a writeup.

Copyright 2002 Nintendo Supersite( and all of the pages which are in the same directory.) All Rights Reserved. No part of the contents on this website may be reproduced without written (or typed) permission. Products and game characters mentioned at the web site may be registered trademarks of other companies. Nintendo Supersite is hosted by Angelfire and is not in any way connected to or sponsored by Nintendo Inc. At least YET anyway.

Created 4/9/01 as a revamp to Pokemon Central.
Pokemon Central was created 10/7/98.

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