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Metroid II: Return of Samus

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Main Tunnel Theme

Main Tunnel Theme v.2
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Last Updated:10/12/01

There are a few glitches in Metroid II: Return of Samus. They involve doing a "Select Trick." While falling along a wall, repeatedly press the select button. Every once in a while, the wall will glitch, and a tunnel will appear. Use your spider ball to stop and enter the newly made tunnel. There are a few spots that using this technique will take you to neat spots, and someone made a very nice page outlining the whole subject: Metroid II: Secret Worlds

Metroid transformations

The second game in the Metroid series, this Gameboy game takes place on the planet SR388. This time, the Metroids populated the planet all by themselves and are run by the Queen Metroid. This time, the metroids start out as normal, oval shaped metroids and then transform to other shapes over the course of the game (see right).

Review - Play control is pretty good until you get the screw attack and learn how to continuously jump in the air. Sometimes it doesn't work right. Other people say that the Metroid II music is the best of the series, and I agree. It still has decent game length for a mid '90s game. The difficulty is best suited for intermediate gamers, since the hardest thing to do is pretty much stay alive and find out where to go. It's got the usual dot matrix graphics, like all those old Gameboy games. I own this game and still play it every once in a while. i give this game 92 / 100 (pretty good for a gameboy game!)