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Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Tricks

Different Music
If you want to have differnet music, just type in zelda as your name when you start a new guy, and the music will be different.

Bomb Arrows
To have exploding on impact bomb arrows, just put the bow + arrows and the bombs into the A and B button slots and push A and B at the same time to let one fly.

Run in Place Forever
To run in place forever (or at least till your batteries run out, or the sun explodes and we all freeze to death), You must have the pegasus boots and the shovel. Equip the boots and shovel then start to dash, but before you take a step, dig a hole with your shovel. This will cause link to run in place.

Easy Fairies
If you have the boomerang and need a fairy, just throw your boomerang at a spark that circles around the room. The boomerang will kill the spark and bring back a fairy.

Goomba Hearts
When you use the Roc's Feater to jump on a Goomba, it will leave a heart behind.

Flying Marin
If you beat the game without losing a life, Marin will sprout wings and fly around the GAME OVER screen onstead of a seagull.

Chicken Attack
If you repeatedly thrash at a chicken over and over again, It will call all the other chickens on Koholint Island to come and kick your @$$.