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Contra - Level One

Contra -Level Two

This is yet another great game by Konami. This is the first of a trio of Contra games to appear on the NES. I never got very far when playing this game alone, so if you go two player, this game takes teamwork, one of those things us kids today don't have much of. It takes quick reflexes to stay alive in this game, so it might help with your hand eye coordination?? In my eyes, Konami made a name for themselves for making very good side scrolling shooters They must have made 5 or 6 side scrollers for the NES (Contra, Super C, Life Force, Gradius...). This is one of the many games that I still want and don't worry, I'll get it soon!

Cheat codes:

30 man code:
Press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A and then choose the number of players.

Transfer lives:
Start the game with 2 players. When you die, push A + B to take one from the other guy.

Last updated:4/30/02