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2/24/02 - Turns out the guy who took the pictures sorta lost the pictures, so I might not even do a marathon 4 page. I can't really remember much about it anyway...
1/31/02 - I almost have the pics from Marathon 4. Once I receive those, I'll put up the 4th marathon page.

We here at Nintendo Supersite (me) like to have fun. And what better way to have fun than to play nintendo games for 24 hours straight? Here's where I'll put the experiences of myself, and other attenders.

C+J Supersite Nintendo Marathon 3 (8/24/01 - 8/25/01)

As you can see, there was at least 3. Due to the recent loss of my computer and the previous WEBSITE, I no longer have the write ups of Marathons 1 + 2. I should have marathon 4 up soon.

Other Marathons:

{none yet}