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Items pertaining to the 23rd PA
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The GAR Post 2 commanders Chair belonging to robert Leviathan Orr, Congressional Medal of Honor Winner of the 23rd /61st PA. It is on Display at the Post 2 Civil War Museum in Philadelphia.
This is a Service Memorial Certificate of Company G, 23rd PA Volunteers. It is owned by Frank P. Marrone Jr.
The Wartime Letters of 1st Lt. Joshua Simster Garsed, Company B. You can read these letters by visiting the Joshua Simster Garsed page.
The Drum of Drummer Boy George Graham, Company F, 23rd PA.
The 23rd PA Display at the Civil War Show 2006 at the All-Star Complex and Funland of the Eisenhower Hotel in Gettysburg. Among the items was a Full Corporals Birney Zouave Original Uniform, Original Recruiting Poster,Original CDV's. and gaiters belonging to Hugh McKinney. They were owned by the Late John Henry Kurtz.
Sword Belonging to Captain Francis "Frank" Grannello, Company G.

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