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Hello my name is Tina. Welcome to my site. Let me tell you alittle about myself and my dogs as well as this site.I am new to breeding however with the support and quidance from an experienced breeder Toni Mapes. I too hope to start a line of my own that will be sound in body and mind. I live in Northeastern PA. I am married and a mom to 3 wonderful children and 2 dogs and a cat. Sometimes I have more dogs depends on how many rescue dogs I have at the time. As you brouse threw the pages on my site you will learn how and why I decided to breed Shelties as well as more about my dogs. Each page is unique and has its own theme. Dont forget to stop back often as the pages will be updated with any new litters or litters to come. And remember Good breeding isn't by chance. It's our Commitment! So please sit back relax and enjoy my web pages. And remember when you are done here to check out some of my favorite links.

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