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Thank you for stopping by

I had this page created by

LuvAndRhino(Cindy&Ron) so i could say

Thank You to everyone who has

helped me in any way.

With out All of you none of this

would have ever become possible.

Thank You All Very Much!!!

I truly appreciate all the help

and support I have gotten from


Special thanks...

First I want to thank my Sister

Cindy and her boyfriend Ron.

You two did all this beautiful site

for me and put up with me being soooo picky

about details.Thanks Cindy and Ron.

I Love you very much!

To Kit Curtis for selling me Gwen.

Thank you for helping me chose and telling me

all about the colors and tests. I truly

appreciate all your help!

And to Anieta Frey...

for getting me into Sheltie Rescue

and looking at Gwen for me.

I look forward to your help in the future.

You are a special lady to me I appreciate

you giving me a novice a chance to make the breed

better even if only in a small way. I love You!

And a thank you to you too..

Cyndee at Sheltie Zoo. You put up with

all my IM's and answer my questions.

You can pick me up on a bad day

and make me feel alot better.

I would have loved to move to SC and spend

time with you doing rescue and agility.

But maybe someday and I am sure Anieta

is glad I am staying here. I know my sister is.

You are a true friend even though

I never met you in person. Keep writing your poems.:o)

I want to thank God for the Life he has given me.

If it werent for him and his help in my life

I wouldnt be getting out of bed in the morning.

I also thank my parents for taking me to

church and raising me how they have.

Thanks Mom and Dad!!

I would also like to thank my Husband

Craig for putting up with me and my Shelties.

Even when I say just one more

Sheltie I goto save he smiles and says

"oh OK" Thank you honey for your

patience and putting up with me.

Last but not least thank you.

for veiwing my page and giving me

help every day. If it werent for other

Sheltie Lovers who e-mail me with help

and info this breed whould have gone down

hill long ago. I think it is important

that we stick together and better this breed

so that everyone years form now can enjoy

these great dogs. Oh and feel free to e-mail

me with any suggestions on breeding or just to chat :o)