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This is a picture of my first seeing eye dog. His name is Oliver.  I got him on March 19, 1999, at 5:00 PM. He is a lab/golden mix. Born 01/17/99. He is very intelligent and learned quickly. He loved to pounce on his brush and then would bark at it when it picked his nose. He was good for his bath and knew that it meant he was going somewhere. He went to our VBS. at the church and was the best behaved one there. He also went to my daughters class and was a real gentleman. It is a great experience! You get this little puppy and wonder if you can do it. Then the one day we went to a nursing home and on the way back my leader took his lead. I was so proud to see him foreword on lead stop at the corners and sit. Then he quietly laid down and rested at the meeting. I then knew that he would make it and my job was done. The sense of pride is GREAT! Then when I got his picture in his harness I cried and never doubted that I did what I needed. To help out others. My advice in owning a dog or even raising one for the seeing eye.... Love them Praise them and they will never forget you! Oliver is currently leading a blind person in Mass. I am proud of you Oliver and I will always Love you!