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Hello and Welcome to our website I know you will enjoy this site as much as I do....My name is Candy and my friends name is Cindy. We are joining our kennels into this one beautiful website that Cindy is desigining.

Well to start off we both raise Mini Dachshunds in many different colors....that is how I met Cindy...She was looking for a stud dog and ended up getting one of my little boys and she has named him Kento and you can see his picture on Cindy's link as well as in my site too. I have 8 Doxies now and love them all.

I have a red female named Molly(pictured on this page) and she is my buddy she is so sweet and goes everywhere with me. Then I have Molly's daughter Selena(not pictured here yet) she changed colors on me 4 times I couldn't beleive it.

I also have my boys Bucky and Luke.....Bucky(not yet pictured here) was a present to my hubby for Easter 2 years ago he's a black and tan and he loves all the girls..he's such a flurt. Luke(pictured here)I purchased at 2 years old from my friend Karen in New York he is a black and tan silver dapple. And boy you want to talk about a good breeder he has never been bred until just recently and he is near 3 years old and he is going to be a great breeder as well as a loving pet.

My most recent additions are my 2 dappels. Chulla and Chella they are sisters(pictured together here).Chulla is a double dapple silver and blue and Chella is a black and tan dapple at this time they are 6 weeks old and they are so sweet...I love all my dogs and they do bring me great joy and I couldn't love any other dog as much as I do the Dachshund they give as much love to me and more as I do them and they have such a great disposition, each one has their own little quirks and personalities.

I live in Illinois and the reason I am breeding these dogs is because I can have all my pets and breed the best dachshunds possible so your new family member will be ready to come to your home,I always pretrain all of the pups to be house broken on paper and outside,but once they get to your home you will have to continue to train them to you and your familys shedules so they will be the best that they can be for your family.They are always given their first shot and dewormed before they leave my home and if i need to ship via airline they will be shipped at your expense at 8 weeks old depending on weather and airline schedule,and i do try my best to ship them at your convenience... My mom got me started breeding Dachshunds a few years ago and you will see her dogs here too once in awhile when she has a litter in our buy sell and trade page and rescue. as well as all litters available for me and Cindy between the 3 of us and our dachshund breeder friends and family members we should be able have litters available most regularly and each of us have different ways that we sell our Dachshunds and our prices are different so if you want to contact any of us please feel free to do so by contacting cindy or me and we will specify who to contact in the ad and we can get you to the breeder of your dog choice...If for whatever reason you may have a dachshund that you cant keep and would like to find it a home please email me or cindy we will be happy to help in placing your pet with a loving home,as we do understand that situations happen in a person or familys life where as you are not able to keep your pet and that is how i got molly and luke ...mollys mom had to move and she couldnt keep her,luckily she was a friend of my moms and i ended up getting her,and now shes my best buddy.luke lived in new york and i recieved an email one day and his previous owner had to move and wasnt able to keep him and i fell in love with him so i got him,and i have no regrets and now hes 2 years old and i love his kisses..

You will see pictures of all of my family members on this website and we are going to be getting better pics up soon so please bear with what we have now,i know thay are not all the best so please bear with them for now and Cindys ,she has a link to her home page however all the other links are shared by both of us. But to learn a little about her and how she got started and where she's from as well as some details on her dogs visit her at Cindy's Pups below.There are also links of a few of my other friends.... Cheras gifts is a great place to buy all kinds of figurines and knick knacks and more... and Nansworld has alot of great priced jewelry and camara stuff and kinds of goodies so please sign my guest book and check out the other sites at the bottom of this page

Our buy sell and trade and rescue page is ready please email Cindy with your ad and she will happily put it on our site within 24 hours and again thank you for visiting us and check back soon maybe we'll have that special family memeber waiting on you.

shipping is available and some delivery or arrangements to be made for pick up and delivery are available