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Rescue Dog Page

Welcome to my Rescue page I was considered a great foster home for rescue and that I truley enjoyed doing it and seeing them go on to their forever homes. I fostered for Shetland Sheepdog Placement Services of NJ.

This is Abner he was my very first rescue dog.I didnt have him long though his new owners took one look and next thing I knew he was gone. Abner has a very loving home now.And goes most everywhere with his new owners. That includes when they went to get their new car. Which by the way he decided on (the back seat was nice and comfy). I know he is loved because his adopted parents are my own. Now my first rescue is also my new bother(lol).

Teddy is a 4-5 year old tri male I got on March 25th 2000 at 1:00 in the afternoon. From what we know he was found wondering in the woods for a few months. His coat was very matted when I got him. He learned well and was in need of a good bath and grooming. We took him in and started the process. On the 6th of April he was altered at the vets and had a heart worm test done. Teddy was doing fine! He had to lose all his dignity though when he had to get shaved. The poor thing looked simply pitiful! I always hate to shave a sheltie but had no other choice. I got a call from a lady about him and she came for a visit. She loved him despite his condition. After 10 days in my care he was adopted out to a very loving home. My advice ... Love them because they will always love you!!