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Sniff stickers ("SNS") were a highly-prized collectible in the 1980s when I was a kid. You could find them in every grocery and convenience store. The earliest-known SNS were created in the late 1970s by 3M. The original ones were made on matte paper and retained a very strong scent! They are not made like this anymore. They were eventually completely replaced by glossy paper by the late 1980s. I've been re-collecting for the last 15 or so years now, and created this site in 2001 for all my fellow collector friends.

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*NEW* 3/21/2023 THIS IS HUGE NEWS!!! TREND ENTERPRISES is RE-RELEASING their VINTAGE 1980s MATTE Stinky Stickers again:
Trend Enterprises Announcement/VINTAGE MATTE SNIFFS

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My WACKY WHIFFERS gallery is back!
(NOTE: Wacky Whiffers are NOT VINTAGE)
NOTE: I have NOT updated this section in several years!
NOTE: this section is under re-construction due to the closing of Geocities.

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