Amy's Past Site Layouts

My sniff sticker site has undergone many facelifts over the years. Now I have made this page for you to see how my site was "born" and how it has changed & grown! :)

Very first layout in 2000-01(?):

2001-2002 layout:

2002-2003 layout:

next 2003 layout
got very colorful!:

2004 layout:
I got PSP and began to make
more elaborate graphics for my sites.

first 2005 layout:
my first layout using iframes!

Dec. 2005 layout with new
header & new menu images:

2023 with brand new

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***This site is made up of several iframes. If you are viewing this page as a regular webpage (no frames) then you must have surfed in and are not seeing my site correctly, so please CLICK HERE to view my site correctly!***