These are just some random sniff stickers that do not fall into my other categories.

My educated guess about the red chocolate desserts sheet is that it MAY be a Gibson Smellorific. It is the same wider size that the others are (they're slightly wider than Hallmarks), and it has no printed name or date anywhere, and it has the exact same unique surface as the pizza, popcorn, and banana Gibsons.

Monster Cereals

Yummy Chocolate Sweets

Procorp Strawberry/Chocolate/Orange sheet
and Halloween sheet

Procorp strawberry sheet and spearmint/chocolate/grape sheet

Scholastic Chocolates

now known as "GOOFY STICKERS" from Canada!
also found in large diecut shapes.

Berenstain Bears

1986 Smilemakers

This Winnie the Pooh Scratch &
Sniff is 3" in diameter.

Kahn's Fruit Sniffs

made by Rainbow Creations

from the UK

California Raisins Puffy Stick-Ons

made by Drawing Board

Hershey Candies

strawberry McDonald's Puffy SNS

promo sniff sticker #1 for Mt. Olive

promo sniff sticker #2 for Mt. Olive

Peppermint Rose sheet #1

Peppermint Rose sheet #2

Peppermint Rose sheet #3

made by Drawing Board

are these Hallmark/Ambassador?

are these Procorp?

Current Misc. 1984 sheet

American Greetings Floral

unknown brand coffee scented

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Thank you Jenni for the new McDonalds & puffy Wiffer sniffs pictures!
Thank you Gladys for the image of the Current Misc. sheet!

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