Gordy round sniff stickers are smaller than Trends and came in sets. They are matte and smell strong.
Amy A graciously contributed scans of all her Gordys (thanks chickie! ;o))!!....if you would like to contribute photos of any that are not shown, please e-mail me!

~NEW~ "Favorite Flavors" and "Snifflesticks" are shown at the bottom of this page!

Scents, as they came in packs:
Raspberry/Blueberry/Tuna Fish/Bubble Gum/Cola/Licorice
Spaghetti/Peanut Butter/Salami/Apple Pie/Bacon/Bakery
Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry/Cherry/Grape/Root Beer
Gas/Bad Breath/Sewer/Skunk/Horse/Barn Yard
Rotten Eggs/Old Shoes/Tennis Balls/Onion/Pickle/Garlic
Zoo/Dead Fish/Garbage/Circus/Dentist/Booze
Hospital/Birthday Cake/Pipe Tobacco
Oatmeal Cookie/Hero Sandwich/Soda Pop
Ketchup/Jam/Candy Bar
New Car/Baseball Glove/Tavern
Milk Shake/Toothpaste/Cotton Candy
Lemonade/Grapefruit/Cough Drops

Gordy also made sniff stickers of various brands of candy, on sheets packaged as "Favorite Flavors". Here are scans of eight packages:
The other pack, not shown, has candy juice cartons on it.

Other known scents are: pickle, pineapple, rootbeer.

Thank you Amy A. for ALL your Gordy rounds scans!!!
Thank you Gerrit for the Favorite Flavors Lifesavers & Bubble Yum sheet scans!
Thank you Jason for the Favorite Flavors Big League Chew and Tootsie sheet scans!
Thank you Jenni for the Snifflesticks scans!

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