Other Vintage Sniff Sticker Types...
galleries that may be added in the future...

TREND:--Round Glossies (same as original designs)
CTP:--Sniffy's Gang (same scents as original sets) featuring various monster characters
bayberry, wintergreen, pine, peppermint, cherry
rootbeer, rose, strawberry, violets, cinnamon, grape.
Donkey Kong:--Matte Sniff 'Ums
E.T.:--Matte Rectangular sniffs:
pine, peanut butter, flowers, fruit
Mello Smello:--Smell & Spell (sheets of square letter stickers)
----NEW PAGE! Sheets with 2 scents, 5 stickers per scent:
pineapple, lilac, cherry ice cream, chocolate cake, popcorn, rootbeer, strawberry, orange soda, grape sno-cone, chocolate sundae.
Russ:--Puffy Scented Stick-Ons
3M:--Murples Packs:
watermelon/cherry, strawberry, strawberry/banana, popcorn, orange/grape, orange bears, grapes (round), flowers (round), chocolate, cherry/orange, cherry metallic, bubblegum, apple (small diecut).
Mr. T:--Round Matte Sniffs
Bubblegum, Body Odor, Rose, Bandaid, Smoke, and Tire.
Mark 1:--Mr. Men and Little Miss Sheets

MoRe GrEaT pAgEs!!!

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