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Who Is Carmen?

Carmen C. DiCello earned a Master of Divinity degree in Apologetics from Columbia Evangelical Seminary and is pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship, Pottsville, Pa. Carmen is also a public school teacher and holds a B.S. degree from Pennsylvania State University. Carmen lives in Pottsville with his wife and his two children.

Carmen's primary interests relate to biblical studies and apologetics, with a particular concern to understand and communicate the timeless truths of Scripture in contemporarily relevant ways.

The Christian evangelist/apologist must remain both attune to the Bible's truths and current on cultural trends. Thus bridging the gap between what God has said and the real world is the duty and privilege of all Christians. This ministry, Truth & Things, is an attempt to equip believers to that end.

For those who are interested, listed below are a number of the works Carmen has written. Studies that are currently available on this web site are followed by an asterisk.


Aliens Among Us?: Biblical Reflections on a Baffling Phenomenon*

A Biblical View of Self: A Christian Alternative to the Secular View*

A Reasonable Faith: A Brief Defense of Creation as a Rational Explanation of Origins

Cultural Chaos: Brief Observations on Current Affairs*

Evil in a Good God's World: Suggestions for Dealing with the Problem of Evil*

Hope's Reason: The Apologetic Significance of 1 Peter 3:13-17*

King James Only: An Analysis of a Divisive Issue*

The Athenian Challenge: Communicating the Gospel in Pagan Society

The Closing of Heaven's Gate: A Christian response to a Modern Trend *

The Gospel in Our Pagan World: Some Suggestions for the Effective Communication of the Message of Salvation*

UFOs--Does Anybody Care?*

Biblical/Theological Studies

Gnosticism: A Brief Analysis

Historical-Geographical Background Study of John 4:1-43

Something's Wrong!: An Inquiry into the Origin, Character, and Effects of Human Sin

The Divine-Human Dilemma: A Survey and Comparison of Three Theological Models

The Whole Truth: Seeking Biblical Balance

Evangelism/Related Topics

Fishers of Men: Our Part and God's in the Evangelistic Enterprise, Mark 1:17*

Baccalaureate Memories: Personal Reminiscences of the 1996 Baccalaureate

What I Might Have Said: A Would-Be Baccalaureate Address

Turning To God: What it Means to be a Christian *


Categories and Guidelines for Biblical Counseling: A Brief Analysis of 1 Thess 5:14-15

Biblical vs. Secular Counseling: An Analysis of Modern Psychology in Light of the Bible

Series of Studies on Mark's Gospel

The Mystery & Majesty of the Son of Man: Critical Questions Concerning "The Son of Man"

Fear & Amazement: An Examination of Human Response to Divine Activity in Mark's Gospel

Glory in Paradox: The Identity and Destiny of Jesus in Mark


The Simple Gospel *

If Christ Had Not been Born (Christmas Tract)

Incentives To Obedience

Regeneration: God Gives Life to a Human Soul *

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