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This triangle, the emblem of Truth & Things, was designed, as was the rest of this site, by Mr. Gene Rivera. Close inspection of the triangle reveals something of an optical illusion. From one perspective, it appears that the triangle protrudes outward. Yet, in another sense, it seems to contain an endless corridor. This dual effect–protruding outward yet leading inward–lends itself nicely to a symbolic interpretation.

The triangle shape itself represents the triune God–the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Only God, in the complexity, majesty, and beauty of His being, is a worthy object of worship. The transcendent-immanent Lord alone can define what life is and how we should live it.

Then, there is the inward portion of this triangle described above. That the triangle projects itself outward represents God's revelational activity. He reveals Himself in a variety of ways but most clearly in His Word, the Christian Scriptures. These speak pointedly of the Revelation of God par excellence, God's Son, Jesus the Christ. Thus, from this vantage point, the triangle represents the triune God as He “reaches out” and shows Himself to His creatures.

But the triangle is also a corridor, a pathway leading, as it were, into the immensity of the divine being. This symbolizes the vastness and complexity of God. Though He can (and must!) be studied, it is impossible to exhaust His many treasures. Here, then, is an invitation to explore the Godhead, to take a journey that knows no bounds and has no end.

Let us summarize. As the triangle projects itself outward, so God unveils His person and plan to those who will listen. His divine communication is authoritative and right, and we are called to wholeheartedly submit to it and thereby to Him. On the other hand, the triangle leads inward, and so it calls us to an exciting and enriching journey into the heart of the living God.

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