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To recommend someone is to show approval, to commend the efforts and/or accomplishments of another. This being the case, it is surely an honor to be able to add to this web site the (overly?) kind words of a number of very reputable and gifted individuals. Each of them has, in one form or another, made an impact in his particular ministry, by both exemplifying and promoting sound Christian research, intellectual integrity, and spiritual progress. As such, I am thankful for their gracious endorsements.


The web site "Truth & Things" covers just that, truth and things. Carmen has an engaging writing style which makes visits to his web site not only interesting but enjoyable. "Truth & Things" tackles some subjects that others would be afraid to handle. Take for instance his section on UFOs. While other Christians might have ideas or opinions about the subject, many of them would be afraid to write about them for fear that others might think that they are "out there." Carmen is neither of these, afraid nor "out there." It's an interesting site covering many topics.

—Rick Walston, Ph.D., D.Min.
President of Columbia Evangelical Seminary
Author of: Walston's Guide to Christian Distance Learning: Earning Degrees Nontraditionally

Carmen DiCello has launched a powerfully edifying website. His discussion on the nature of apologetics is must reading. Very few apologetics-oriented websites will nourish your soul so richly while feeding and sharpening the mind as well. I look forward to the expansion of the site, as more and more modules are added.

—Tom Woodward
Princeton University, Dallas Seminary
Professor of missions, evangelism and science at Trinity College of Florida/Tampa Bay Theological Seminary.
Founder and Director of Christian Apologetics.
Founder and Director of the C.S. Lewis Society.
Apologetics Lecturer.
Author of numerous articles on scientific apologetics, specifically the rise of the new intellectual skeptics of Darwinism.

Recently a British newspaper estimated that by the year 2002 there will possibly be one billion web sites on the Internet. I am not sure this is good news. Anyone who "surfs the net" presently knows that probably 75-80 per cent of the present web sites could vanish overnight and very few would lament their passing. There are a few, however, that are informative, interesting, and up to date. Carmen DiCello's "Truth & Things" is one of these.

What makes it unique is that it is an ambitious web site. Carmen covers such subjects as Apologetics, Biblical Studies, UFOs, witnessing and evangelism, modern church practice, the problem of evil, and more. Carmen is able to tackle these various issues with thought provoking articles that are, amazingly in my opinion, very short and yet highly relevant. There are very few articles that are more than a page or two in length, and yet it is obvious that a lot of thought has gone into each one.

Christianity in the modern world is increasingly taking a defensive position. Very few Christians are taking the "offensive" to think clearly through the issues that face us and then presenting the Christian answers in an intelligent or attractive way. "Truth & Things" is an exception and I would heartily recommend it. It is truly one of the very few "good news" web sites on the net in more ways than one.

—Steve Gunderson
Pastor of Kew Baptist Church in Kew, Richmond, Surrey (Greater London) England.
Finishing M.A., Discourse Analysis/Greek Grammar at the Roehampton Institute, London.

"Truth & Things" provides a good introduction to a variety of subjects relating to theology and defending of the faith (i.e., apologetics). It also provides articles encouraging Christians to be theologically and apologetically minded. In the anti-intellectual climate often seen in today's churches, such an encouragement is surely needed!

—Gary F. Zeolla
Director of Darkness to Light Ministry.

In my opinion, a pastor should not only be a man who has a heart for the lost and a desire to care for God's flock, but should also be one who is concerned with having a clear, rational understanding of exactly what he believes as taught in God's timeless Scripture, and a straightforward means of expressing that understanding both in word and in deed. Likewise, the apologist for the Christian faith should be one who not only defends the truth of Christianity in principle, but also concerns himself with reaching the very culture in which he finds himself in order that the Spirit within him may touch the hearts and lives of those who do not yet know Him. Carmen C. DiCello shows his readers in "Truth and Things" that he is both a pastor concerned with rationally defending his faith, and an apologist concerned with touching the hearts and lives of people with the love of Jesus Christ.

—Gene Rivera
Internet Coordinator,
The Academy of Christian Apologetics

"Truth & Things" is an excellent website. Carmen C. DiCello has posted some very thought- provoking articles on relevant issues. He has presented much truth in both a gentle spirit and a non-threatening tone. Whatever you do, don't leave his site without reading "The Athenian Challenge: Lessons from Acts 17:16-34" - good stuff!

—William Kilgore
Webmaster - Scripture Thoughts website

Truth & Things is an extremely edifying and informative web site. Carmen DiCello accurately handles the word of God and lucidly expresses its teachings. His grasp of the Bible's theology as a whole is evident in every paragraph he writes and results in great balance and a bringing to light of many helpful connections between various truths. Beyond this, his many articles on this page do not simply state the truth but display the beauty of the truth and the God behind it. Truth & Things sets forth truth in the way God intends--as the fuel of worship and strong faith in Christ.

—Matt Perman
"Contended for the Faith" web site
Assistant for Theological Support
Desiring God Ministries

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