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Why Study UFO's?

For many Christians, the subject of UFOs seems far-fetched and irrelevant. After all, isn't this the subject of tabloid news and crackpots? But against the idea that UFOs can be easily dismissed are the reports of sound researchers, the many reliable eyewitnesses, and the countless individuals who have been influenced by what might be termed alien religion. Of course, there is a side to this topic that is ludicrous, or at least humorous. Beneath the surface, however, there looms a huge UFO movement. This UFO sub-culture (and those influenced by it) has, for the most part, accepted what must be considered one of the most captivating and illusive belief systems ever promulgated. The Christian Church has a responsibility to subject various ideologies to biblical scrutiny. That is, believers should be able to place current trends, movements, and world views under the lens of Scripture. For the most part, apologists have done ample research in a number of areas. But our apologetic should include not only traditional elements (e.g., the cults, etc.), but more bizarre factors such as UFOs. To that end, this section is designed to be a thought-provoking resource. The time has come for Christians to offer a biblically informed and intelligent perspective on this far-reaching phenomenon. Recently, my course work at Columbia Evangelical Seminary (where I am currently enrolled) has included a study of the subject of UFOs. My intention, of course, has been to provide a biblical framework for understanding this phenomenon. Having completed this study, I have converted my research into booklet form. Unfortunately, it is rather lengthy (70 pp.). Therefore, I haven't been able to place the entire project on the web just yet. Eventually (i.e., time permitting), however, I hope to make the entire study available. Until then, please feel free to inquire about the subject. Also, if you should want a copy of the entire study (Aliens Among Us?), please contact me by e-mail.
What men do with real colors and substances the demons can easily do by showing unreal forms.

UFOs could well be part of the same larger intelligence which has shaped the tapestry of religion and mythology since the dawn of human consciousness.
J. Allen Hynek

I propose that there is a spiritual control system for human consciousness and that paranormal phenomena like UFOs are one of its manifestations.
Jacques Vallee









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