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Apologetics, rightly understood, plays a vital role in the promulgation of the message of Jesus Christ. Indeed, this discipline provides the framework within which the gospel is presented and the context where repentance, faith, and godliness are nurtured. This being the case, it is of course important that believers gain a more complete understanding of the meaning, methods, and goals of Christian apologetics. In order to accomplish this, however, there is much that must be considered, contemplated, and eventually inculcated in our lives. This does not require an "ivory tower" approach to Christianity, for all believers can, at some level, share the good news with their friends and neighbors. But the simplicity of the gospel should never be used as an excuse for intellectual stagnancy. While seeking to be the best witnesses we can right now, there should also be an effort to progress in knowledge and evangelistic adeptness. Because of these factors, I have recently undertaken a project that will hopefully lead to the formulation of a type of apologetics handbook. Therein, a wide array of subjects and concerns will be addressed. To that end listed here are those portions of the "handbook" that are currently available.
Apologetics is comprehensive. It is more than simply Christian evidences of fulfilled prophecy or scientific evidence for creationism. . . . it is a philosophical, theological, and historical demonstration of the truthfulness of Christianity.
Ronald B. Mayers

Every Christian must grow in his knowledge of Scripture and theology, but equally in his ability to communicate it persuasively and attractively, whether through writing or teaching or interpersonal communication.
Tim Downs

We do not control truth. In a sense, it controls us. Granted, we may manipulate it, or ignore it, or misrepresent it. But whatever we may try to do to it, truth itself is unchanged. . . . truth, then, is not something we manufacture or control or change to suit ourselves. Rather, the right attitude is to be open to it, accept it, and submit to it and its authority.
Peter Hicks

Truth is not a fruit of freedom; it is a precondition for freedom..
Lesslie Newbigin

If we are to argue our case effectively, not only do we need to be masters of what we believe and why, but we must also appreciate the outlook and problems of those we are trying to reach. Otherwise we are in very real danger of talking at cross purposes.
Kenneth Prior






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