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One of the most perplexing aspects of life is the reality of evil. Whether natural or moral, all people must come to grips with life in a fallen world. Because of evil's presence, Christian (and non-Christian) thinkers have had to make sense of why a good God would allow so much of that which is contrary to His nature. The questions related to this subject range from philosphical inquiries to the more personal questions as to why God allows His children to suffer. For numerous reasons, evil is no easy topic of discussion. Therefore, the need for both intellectual integrity and human compassion compels us to seek God-honoring answers to the universal enigma we call evil.
"We have no other position than at the foot of the cross. After we have been there, we are given the answer of the wisdom of God, which incenses the advocates of optimistic theodicies or tragic philosophies. God's answer is evil turned back on itself, conquered by the ultimate degree of love in the fulfillment of justice.
Henri Blocher

The manner in which God stands behind evil and the manner in which he stands behind good are not precisely identical; for he is to be praised for the good, but not blamed for the evil.
D. A. Carson

We know that God has a reason for everything he does. Everything he does reflects his wisdom. But he is under no obligation to give us his reasons. Nevertheless, as we see evil used for good again and again in Scripture, can we not accept in faith that those evils which are as yet unexplained also have a purpose in the depths of God's mind?
John M. Frame

Truly, thou art a hidden God.

Christians, of all people, should be honest about their plight, but they are curiously silent on the topic of honest and sincere doubt.
Kelly James Clark











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