El Viejo MacDonald

Everybody Sing!!

En la finca de papa, i a i a o.
Animales hay para molestar, i a i a o.

On the ranch of father, ee ah ee ha oh.
There are animals to molest/annoy, ee ah ee ah oh.

Some girls in our Spanish class said they saw some people at some public place, possibly Dorney Park, singing a song to the tune of "Old MacDonald" while playing this game wherein they slap each other's hands, moving around the circle of participants (I slap you, you slap the guy next to you, he slaps the next guy, etc.). They tried to explain this to our Spanish teacher, Mr. Elvir. Mr. Elvir did not know the game, which the girls called "Hoiña Hoiña," but he did know the words to Old MacDonald in Spanish. And even if we throw common sense out the window and agree with Mr. Elvir that "molestar" means "to annoy," it is still a disturbing song.

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