Guitar Repairs  

  Guitar Repairs  

Major Repairs

Some instruments in the spray booth:

Bridge Re-placement :

Old Guild guitar getting a complete new bridge replacement .

Installing a new style transducer pickup.

I have over 30 years of experience refinishing, repairing and restoring all types of stringed instruments.

Some of the instruments include: BANJO, BASS GUITAR, UPRIGHT BASS, GUITAR, MANDOLIN, DULCIMER, VIOLIN, CELLO, HARPSICORD, as well as others.

I have over 30 years of experience repairing instruments and over 50 years of experience building the finest electric guitars and basses available! All repairs are done as fast as possible, our turn around time is often the fastest available! All instruments are handled with the highest care possible.........John Stoneman

I am always available to do all levels of repair, from setups and restrings to full rebuilds and restorations.

Fret work has always been on of my specialties, I've done thousands of fret jobs.

Another special of mine is inlaying custom Mother of Pearl, and Abalone (your design or mine). I can thin necks; repair cracks in acoustic instruments; replace broken pegheads; replace fingerboards; and do all levels of electronic repairs and customizations.

My rates are very reasonable.

contact me by e-mail for a quote on repairing your instrument.