"The Boss" Guitar  

  "The Boss" Guitar  

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A copy of Bruce Springsteen's "Esquire/Tele"

NOTE: All parts used in this guitar are licensed replacement parts.

"The Boss", Springsteen's guitar from the 70's

I have been building guitars since the late 60's. I started in Neptune City, where I grew up behind Danelectro Guitars, at one time one of the largest guitar manufactures in the USA.

I (Stoneman Guitars) build mostly high end Guitars and Bass Guitars of my own design. For a time in the late 70's, my shop was located in Neptune, Belmar, and then Asbury Park New Jersey. I started building guitars right after graduating Neptune High School. I was one of the very first employees at Kramer Guitars in Neptune NJ, before leaving to build custom Bass Guitars at Spector Guitars in NYC.

Bruce does incidentally own one of my guitars, a Stoneman SG-1 that has a custom paint job by another famous celebrity, the boardwalk artist, John Bass. The Stoneman Guitar that Bruce Springsteen owns has nothing to do with this model I build called "The Boss".

"The Boss" is one of my favorite "dupes", and is a very close copy to Bruce Springsteen's '52 "Esquire", which was his "main" guitar from the mid to late 70's to the early 80's. Bruce's "original guitar" purchased from Phil Pettillo, was a Telecaster style body with an Esquire neck. If I'm not mistaken, the original price was $150.00, a guitar that Bruce went on to earn his first millions with!

As many know, Bruce's guitar was very "dynamic" .... It was always in a state of change or modification. I spent a lot of time and research studying this guitar. Through many photos, talking to people, eye witnessing, and even in the past holding the guitar (Bruce's was once for sale in the late 70's at the Guitar Trader in Red Bank New Jersey), I came up with, what I believe, represents the average sound, look, and playability of his guitar from the late 70's to the early 80's. The "guitar that made him famous".

Just like on Bruce's, from the "time period", It's got the sealed "mini"tuners, black/white/black pickguard, a maple neck with a maple fingerboard, "hotter than stock" pickups (these SOUND just like his!), Schaller Strap-locks, an ash body with a "butterscotch" colored finish, and a custom handmade jack plate (just like on his).

Although you can't tell from these photos, the whole guitar, neck and body are a real nice yellow-amber, vintage color. In some photos, he photo flash makes this look whiter that it is in real life! It's the same vintage yellow that Bruce's looked in the time period.

This is photo is close to the real color!

It's got the three saddle bridge like Bruce's

Here is the handmade custom jack plate

I used a Fender decal on some, but most say "The Boss" on the peghead.

So how does this guitar differ from Bruce's guitar? ... The miles, and miles of playing by Bruce Springsteen!

The list price without case is $2007.00

You can buy one direct for $900.00 with a gig bag case,


$950.00 in a hardshell case.

This price includes shipping in the Continental (contiguous) states.

Note: All parts used in this guitar are brand new, and in brand new condition. I do NOT "relic" the parts or finish.

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