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** 60's Style Vintage Guitar **

Some vintage guitars I built!

VINTAGE 60's Style Guitar

I have been building guitars since the late 60's. I (Stoneman Guitars) build mostly high end Guitars and Bass Guitars of my own design.

Some of the services I do for customers and musicians are buying and selling rare vintage guitars.

This IS NOT a real vintage guitar! It may look like one to you, but it's not! Many "professional" musicians have really old VALUABLE guitars that they don't want to play "out". So they buy one that LOOKS, PLAYS, FEELS, AND SOUNDS, Like their old VINTAGE guitar, ....but isn't! The original can stay at home. Safe and sound, while the "cheapie" can go the the bars and clubs.

Note: the REAL 60's vintage bass, REAL 60's Jazz style guitar, and the 2 "vintage looking" guitars, made from Licensed replacement parts ....

I use the older style 3 way toggle pickup selector switch, so you have to "balance" the switch between settings to get two pickups at once........ just like the "good ol' days"!

The body is a nice solid wood, American hardwood body

.......NO PLYWOOD!

The tuners are KLUSON VINTAGE style tuners with the small shaft holes and grommets, and as KLUSON says: "EXACTLY like the old vintage tuners". NOT the modern 3/8 holes and grommets like the newer style.

Details: The metal original looking string tree is in the correct position as is the original looking decal on the peghead.

The bridge is a real nice replica bridge with "stamped metal saddles" but NOT imprinted with any particular brand name.

The backplate has round holes in it (string access).

The body has the older style contours and the neck plate is stamped with a five digit serial number.

Although these looks like a real old VINTAGE guitar, they are BRAND NEW!

.......Never played!

Is this a REAL vintage 60's Guitar? NO

Is this an EXPENSIVE "custom" shop? NO

Is this a STUPIDLY "butchered" RELIC? NO

Is this an overpriced BRAND X "custom shop" NO

Also NOT a re-issue!

NOT a custom shop!

NOT a JAP 60's re-issue!


This was assembled right here in the USA by a MASTER CRAFTSMAN, using "over the counter" Licensed parts.

.......... Sure you can bang this up, sand the paint off in the "wear areas", sit it outside and let it rust a it 'til you wear the frets to the fingerboard and will be able to fool 9 out of 10 (maybe 10 out of 10) people into thinking this is an early sixties guitar!

So how would I tell it's not a vintage guitar? The pickups have a flat magnet on the back and don't have staggered pole pieces, and the truss rod nut is an allen (it IS located at the end of the neck where it should be) and not an X slot, and the fingerboard TOP dots are silver and not clay. The side dots DO look like vintage 60's.

You can go buy a truss rod nut and more authentic looking pickups. I use these particular pickups because they sound vintage.

Read what one customer wrote about "The Boss" my Springsteen copy guitar:

I got the guitar today and it is a work of art. I was not expecting anything near the quality of this guitar. I sold my 65 strat about 12 years ago [still kicking myself over that deal] and I bought a relic in 97, one of the first ones, serial number 0768, a Mary Kaye with gold hardware, that I traded for a Wechter acoustic that I would not take anything for.
I missed having a strat around and this guitar (Stoneman Custom Shop) is better playing than the relic that I gave $1540.00 dollars for. My intention was to make it a relic but that would almost be a sin. I may just hang it on the wall and look at it.
Of all the stuff I have bought thru the years guitar related this has to be the best deal comparing cost to value. Anyhow I just wanted to drop a line to say you did yourself proud on this one, and thanks for the great deal,

Also see my page on my Springsteen Copy Tele: "The Boss"!




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