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** "The Atlantic City" **

What can I say..... this is one of a kind!

Ok, here's a description. The body is Alder, and is painted brown (to look like a pool table sides). The top is covered with a "pool table covering" type material. The border between the pool table top and the painted body, is a gold cloth "binding".

Then I added some (smaller) pool balls, two card hands (including 4 aces) and a dice !

Note: There is now two die as the volume and tone, NOT the black 8 balls pictured, so that the volume, tone, and switch are all a "die".

There is a humbucker in the bridge, and a single coil in the neck position.

Here's a break down on the parts used :

The body is Alder. The neck is maple with a Rosewood fingerboard. There is a humbucker, and a single coil pickup. The bridge is very solid (strings go through the body). The tuning machines are sealed machines. Strap buttons, back cover plate, neck plate (and screws), jack and jack plate, are all chrome.

This guitar is set up and plays very good.......... and despite the location of the three dimensional "hardware" (pool balls, dice and cards), there is room to play un-obstructed.

This guitar is a "theme" guitar and is WAY COOL! If you are a "gambler" or have ever gambled...or knows somebody who plays guitar and/or gambles...this guitar is for you !

Besides being a great playing and sounding guitar ......... this gets attention!  


  The Skull 

** "The Skull" **

What can I say..... this is one of a kind!

This is a Stoneman Guitars, Asbury Park model (The AP-1),
designed for the "Sounds of Asbury Park" or more general, good "kick ass" rock and roll!

To that end it's sort of a cross between a Les Paul Jr.,a "tele" and a "strat". The dual humbucking pickups, are switchable to single coil (via a coil tap), for the standard Strat, or "Bruce Tele" sounds.

It's got a "three on a side tuners" for a real solid, balanced neck
The headstock has the Stoneman decal Logo under the satin lacquer finish on the neck. The neck, by the way, is a very beautiful, figured, VERY RARE, Curly Cherry!

It's got chrome dome knobs, and a standard Gibson style three way pickup selector switch, and the tone knob pulls out to switch the pickups to single coil operation. There are 22 standard frets, in this Indian rosewood fingerboard.

What can I say about the graphics? WAY COOL! I asked my graphics artist (Jason at "Artistic Wonders") for a sinister looking Skull, smoking a joint (or home made cigarette). ..... and this is what I got! ..... Way cool! First there is a layer of Silver Pearl paint, then a multi colored blue layer. This looks very three dimensional in person, where the silver-blue background is WAY behind the red-yellow flames and Skull in the fore-ground! ...... the smoke from the joint is coming out of the crack in the back of the Skulls head! TOO COOL! Also see the pic of the back, and note the back view of the teeth and spine.

Because of the light wood used in the body (poplar) and a light (cherry) neck, this is a relatively light guitar. The pickups are WD, but are very close copies of a standard PAF, and a "Super Distortion". .....but because of the special harmonic placement, and the construction, these sound quite unique.

This instrument, and all components are all brand (factory) new!

This guitar is set up and plays very good!

This guitar is a "theme" guitar and is WAY COOL! Besides being a great playing and sounding guitar ......... this gets attention! This instrument sold for a very reasonable price for this, one of a kind, "work of art".


Here is a super-curly cherry guitar built for Clayton Mealy: