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The Pants Appreciation Society

Welcome to the Pants Appreciation Society Headquarters

What are Pants?

We're talking about underwear here - y-fronts, pants, boxer shorts, knickers, briefs, long johns, kecks, shreds, thermals, g-strings, thongs, tangas, gruns

Our Mission

Hi, I'm Dylan and my aim is to promote the awareness of pants, improve the quality of pants and ultimately the quality of life of the wearer

The Power of Pants

There seems to be a recent craze about girl power. Well, there's one thing I've got to say about girl power - PANTS!

Pants are the true source of power and explain why men have dominated the world for so many generations. Now that male and female underwear is becoming closer, women are beginning to take the centre stage. What else could possibly explain why men have been in control for so long?

Girl power is complete drivel, the people making all the money are the men behind the scenes as they are wearing pants.

Women in history who must have worn pants include Bodicea, Cleopatra and Margaret Thatcher (although that doesn't bear thinking about)

So, whether you are male or female, harness the power of YOUR pants.

The History of the Pants Appreciation Society

I "saw the light" at Reading Music Festival 1995 , Berkshire, England when someone burnt a pair of old pants on a camp fire. This started a chain reaction leading to everybody in the group burning all of their underwear in a ritual that lasted throughout the night. Then passers-by were hassled (by chants of "burn your pants") and many persuaded to follow suit, resulting in a large number of people having no underwear for the rest of the weekend.

Having burnt my pants, I realised the true effect of being without them (get that mental image out of your head - NOW!) The impact was considered so important that I decided to worship pants for the remainder of my otherwise worthless life, and spread the message to the rest of the world.

A winter of thought and creative ideas passed with the resulting output of a lt;a href="pantsflag.html">giant pair of Y-fronts on a flag pole made ready for the Phoenix Music Festival 1996

Phoenix was a complete success and many people praised and worshipped the pants.

The pants were also taken to Green Belt Festival later that summer and were also a big success with lots of people remembering them from Phoenix.

By this time, enough people were interested in the pants to form a society and I decided this was the best way to focus people (as with any religion or political party).

Due to lack of time, severe depression and general crapness, the society was not officially formed until Glastonbury Festival 1997

The Pants Appreciation Society - Members

  • Dylan also known as Purple Paul (that's me on the right of the photo)
  • Zeb Shaw (Prince of Pants) (left of photo)
  • Ickle Hannah
  • Fiona Sampson (Dougal)
  • Emily Collier
  • Joanne "I'm a horse, really I am" Hedley
  • Emily Harborow
  • Corinne Etienne
  • Nadia Hancock
  • Kylie "I like pants so much I wear see-through dresses"
  • Guy "MoosePants" Brandon
  • Anna "Why don't they make pants fluffier?" Rogers
  • Anna "Dulce et decorum est pro pants mori" Mason
  • Bob "Bobble-pants" Young
  • Darrel Richardson
  • Martha Lanko
  • Pete Bunnykins
  • Mr S Pant
  • Ham Adam Haynes
  • Tom Pilling
  • Gale Brazier
  • Ben Dowding
  • Joanne Gunn
  • Linster
  • Big G
  • Michael (from Cambridge)
  • David 'King of Mylau' Lewin
  • Gnarly Wayne
  • Karyn & Cler
  • Caroline and Emma, granny pant worshippers
  • Mike Dunbar
  • Eve, Princess of Y
  • Jimbob
  • Parasyte7
  • Auntie P
  • Kaff (aka Rita Ringpull)
  • Bumra
  • mavci
  • Gena Laur
  • Aidan
  • Chickenspoon
  • Emily (Doh! There goes my elastic again!) Ash
  • Rachel Lund
  • Lucy Lyall
  • Rags
  • Tim Schelfhout
  • Kristi Hogan
  • Stephen Addicott & Claire
  • Peter Durling
  • Huw & Louise
  • Rich Walton
  • Vinylgroover
  • Phil
  • Dawn "love those tight-whites" Brightwell
  • Jenny Penny Pooooooh
  • Philipa Hollingworth
  • Mark Newie
  • Ben Currie
  • Daiisie
  • Linzi 'pants girl' O'Liver
  • Hannah Bland
  • Glen Carey
  • Sarah Kaye
  • Yvette Kight
  • Henriette Weber - our official Danish rep
  • Selina
  • Sarah Wall
  • Rich Cahill
  • Nick Cox
  • Jo Jock-Strap
  • Nic Noc Knickers
  • Anna Bananna
  • James Brown
  • Anna Brown
  • Lucia Harvey
  • Capt J Archwarm
  • Erica + Jo
  • Jen Francis
  • Claire Hansford
  • Amy "pants child" Smith
  • Kate Smith
  • scottie_chic
  • Adam Brown
  • Zeus
  • Peanut
  • Iain Wilson
  • Alan Martin
  • John Bartlett
  • Pablo McGuire
  • Rob Webb (the Pantmeister)
  • Evonne Okafor
  • Lewis "I like them Loose" Pinder
  • Timothy Crawford
  • Stuart MacKenzie
  • Andrew McDowall
  • James Loader
  • Marc Bailey
  • Chris P (ants)
  • Lauren
  • Anna Fugazi, Mz Fuzzypants
  • Leon Dewan
  • Adam Light
  • Lauren "Ultrapants" Parslow
  • Craig Wadhams
  • Lucie lickle pants Garcia
  • Richard from Bournemouth
  • Eva
  • radar-d
  • Grandad 'Big is Best' Jonesy.
  • Barry Beans
  • Liz the G-string wearing Chorley tart
  • Porn Flakes
  • Emma Symmonds
  • Becky and Rachel from Teesside
  • Baz and Andrea Highfield
  • Arnold Ebbs
  • Kathryn 'muffinmonkey' Strong
  • Dawn Webb (& Chris)
  • Kris Jones
  • Tim Strickland
  • Antony "the pants are strong on me" Gowland
  • Baz Hodson
  • Ell
  • Johnny 'Lovebus' C
  • Simon pantflasher Davies
  • Dan 'four-way rotation' Littler
  • Chris Brown who thinks he's called Elabi keeper of the mothership Pants
  • Jo Bennett
  • Natalie 'Black Pants with a Party Animal Motif'
  • John "Skiddy" Fisher
  • Sarah Mangle
  • Dave Darwent
  • Stephen Pettitt
  • Michelle (sexy grundies) Enwright
  • sijewell
  • Carolyn Goldsby
  • H Gausden
  • Steve Nash
  • Richard Moore
  • Sexy Si Andrews
  • Thomas Dwayne Mayne
  • Seb
  • Mike Gurner
  • Scottie G (alias Dunger)
  • Neil Crittenden
  • James Martin
  • Little Pete
  • Richard Heywood
  • Katie Richards
  • Sassysam
  • Thong Girl from the Planet Thong
  • Surveyspice
  • Simon Wilkinson & Dean
  • Vickij
  • Carolyn Cull
  • Kelly Belly-Jelly
  • Debra from Devonport
  • Deryck Robinson
  • Leigh "long-johns" Emery
  • Becki "tinkabell" Keith
  • Richard Nelmes
  • Ben "PantMeister" Wilson
  • Mike Jaffrey
  • Jo S "The Jellytot of all Pants"
  • Suzanne Rabley
  • Tony Gee
  • Finbar McLastic
  • Riana "I only wear thongs and spandex pants" Bristol
  • Martin "43 pants" Harvey
  • Henry aka killmore999
  • Philippa "Fanny Gussett" Davey
  • John Davey
  • Jess "I have email addresses coming out of my pants" Michaelides
  • Pantsmaster Tas
  • Jedi Jess
  • RoxiP
  • Suzie
  • Rob from imretail
  • Joanne Pugh
  • Matt Merritt
  • Tony "I threw my Mum's knickers at Tom Jones" Convery
  • Jim Smith
  • Ciaran Richardson
  • Kieran "I keep money in my pants" Milan
  • Ryan Harris
  • Matt Provost
  • Emily 'Sexy Pants' Fripp
  • Graham of the Lax Bowels
  • mhari
  • Campbell & Kaz (flowery pants)
  • Laura aka Whizbit
  • Martha 'crocheted pants'
  • Marc L. Vincenz
  • Cat "I search for pants on the net" Renfrey
  • Matt "underpant gnome" Bennett
  • Vikky Parker
  • Susan McNaughton
  • Sarah Hill
  • Tom Pawley
  • Kelly 'Chocolate Pants' Edwards
  • Sam Cruickshank
  • Emily from Sutton Coldfield
  • Vanessa
  • Jo "sometimes I don't wear them" Kirkbride
  • Nino
  • Big Jaffa Derikson
  • Owen Morley
  • Very Big Stevie Ferguson
  • Ciss Thompson
  • Andy Gill
  • Doug Man
  • Gemsy from Leeds
  • Christine Whyte
  • David 'pantmeister' Mawson
  • Bri J
  • Phil Your Pants & Miss Pant E Liner
  • Sandra "skiddy" Hamilton
  • Andrew "my they're tight!" Cassidy
  • Julie Anne Meaney
  • Emma-Louise "panthead" Mason alias:spacecake
  • Joanne "I forgot to put them on, again" Sergeant
  • Claire "everyone saw my pants" O'Brien
  • Mark "Don't wear tightey whiteys clubbing" Burdass
  • Andrea "Tightey whiteys? ooh yummy" Barton
  • Mark Beaumont
  • Griff
  • Michael Bryan
  • richy "calvin klein pulling pants" howard
  • lornachick
  • Ashley Ignatius
  • dulson
  • Dan Mounsey
  • Tom "Jock strap" Peterson
  • Ben "Y-Fronts" Edwards
  • DJ Panty Pantface
  • Jenna Crump
  • fungi
  • Rozzy Baby
  • Hannah from North Hykeham
  • 'Hells' from St Barts
  • Hayley from St Barts
  • Justin 'mine don't 'alf itch' O
  • Ali 'The G-String Temptress' O
  • Toadyboy 'Skid King' T
  • Soapybubbles
  • Emily 'Pantscat' Wilson
  • R Povey
  • Jenny the whiffy one
  • Eva "Don't you LOVE pants?!?" DeAngelis
  • Lenore & Pandora

Where our Pants have been

Future Events to be "Panted"

  • Glastonbury Festival 2000

Ask Dr Pants

Mail your pants related problems to Dr Pants and if fortunate they will be posted on the Dr Pants Problem Page

Pants Stuff


To Join The Pants Appreciation Society

Joining is simple, free and without obligation. You will not be sent junk mail or any advertising, this is a private society. You can cancel your membership at any time. All that joining involves is that you will be sent an irregular newsletter, normally by email, maybe by post if you'd prefer if I can afford the stamps. The newsletter will keep you informed of where we will be and will contain reports and pictures of where we've been and what we've done.

To join, click on the email link here and give your address, or email address, tell us which you'd prefer us to use, and we'll send you the current newsletter. If you want to be included on the list of current members then please ask.

Don't be scared, we're all friendly, fluffy people!

TV Appearance

Filming for the Granada Men and Motors channel was successfully completed on Monday 16th November 1998 in St Andrews, thanks to everyone who was there. To anyone who wasn't there, you missed out on wearing pants on your head/outside your trousers, drinking lots, breaking the world record for the most people inside my giant y-fronts (now 6) and me buying a round of drinks.

The program is called "The Third Nipple" and was broadcast on the night of Saturday 12th December 1998 at 12:30am until 12:50am on Granada Men and Motors channel. I have a copy of the program on video.

Since then the society have been asked to appear on HTV, CH5 and TFI Friday but I've been too busy to accept these offers

Feel free to sign the guestbook, mail any comments or just mail to say hello.

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