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Hi, I'm Purple Paul, usually known as Dylan

Positronic Upgraded Repair and Peacekeeping Lifeform/Entity Programmed for Assassination and Ultimate Learning Dynamic Young Loveable Alien Neophyte

Here's a recent (Oct 2002) self portrait

click here for another photo of me

click here for another photo of me

To see where I've been recently on my trip to the other side of the world read my travel pages travel pages

I spend most of my summers travelling around England going to
as many festivals as possible. These are mainly music festivals
but I'm happy to try out other gatherings of weird and wonderful people
(I've been known to show up at bike rallies and motor sports events)

I regularly go to Glastonbury, Reading, Greenbelt, and Brighton
festivals in the UK, and plan to try some international festivals sometime.
My ultimate goal is making it to the Burning Man festival in the Nevada Desert
To see where I've been read my reviews of festivals

I also like reading, travel, parties and meeting people
(as does everyone else on the planet)

When I created this webpage back in about 96 I set a few goals to achieve.
The first was to get this web area fully sorted as it had been
bugging me for a while - 6 years later there's practically no progress
The second was to learn to play guitar - nope, no progress there either (anyone wanna teach me?)
and the third was secret but I still haven't done that either. I'll publish the photos
when (if LOL) the deed ever gets done.

For an insight into my personality(-ties) read my
likes and dislikes

Gothcode 3.1A: GoCS7$ TSeDYzz2 P! B8/21BK"1 cLbr-s8 V6s M2 ZTetGoPuIpb C6ome a29-(24) n5 b54 H175 g6L??84A m@Z4& w6A v1 r3EI p1Z585Zz D66! h3(PShRTYinYhiYzz) sM10N Ssw k6BSmDspNRT N0387PH RfsS LnlBreda9

To decode, copy and paste it to

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