Oct. 1996-April 2002.

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last update January 20, 2003

Winter 2002 / 2003


The band played its final show in Philadelphia at the First Unitarian Church (22nd and Chestnut, center city) on Sunday, April 21st with The Sound of Failure, Del Cielo, Knives Out and The Great Clearing Off, along with spoken word from Allie Pope (Girl/Face/Girl zine) and Eric Weiss (Rumpshaker fanzine).

While the band is no longer playing shows or working together as an active group, there's still news that will be added periodically on our final release (a split 7" with Del Cielo on Ed Walters Records) and our upcoming CD Discography.

For information on obtaining releases or t-shirts, lyric sheets from the band, or for more frequent updates, please visit Cheap Art Records--a new label run by Andrew and Mike from the band....


For information on WHY we broke up, feel free to check out the NEWS section, or simply get in touch. Thanks very much.

We've always felt our band was in many ways connected to a community and a reaction to the things happening around us. In that respect, a band is meant to evolve rather than stand like a monument. A friend from another band (Flashbulb Memory from RVA) put it very eloquently:

"To understand your role as a certain band at a certain time is hard, but it's important. It's a matter of asking yourself if what you're doing is moving things forward or maintaining the status quo... If I were to delete all but two words from this text, it would say 'Reinvent Yourself' in big, block letters--and no, I'm not just talking about bands anymore."


We're Looking for Photos

If you have photos of the band from any show, we would be very interested in seeing them and are more than happpy to reimburse you for your time and expenses.

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