.Seven Deadly Sins Compilation. A Collection of Four Split 7"s (Hater of God Records)

Elegant and impressive packaging mark this stunning release from the Hater of God record label. This compilation is four 7"s split between several intense HC bands, each devoting their side of a record to one of the seven big ones (according to christian teachings: sloth, envy, rage, idolatry, lust, etc.). Since KTMWQ is so very tough, we were given the sin of rage, which we depict with two brand new songs and a revamped, new version of "A General Lack of Integrity" (appearing originally on our split 7" w/the Shoplifters). Our 7" in the set is split with our friends from Chicago, the now defunct MK Ultra (ex-bronson/crudos.. ooh, ahhh). Other bands included in the box set are Catharsis, Unruh, Damad, Ruination and the Black Hand. .Pigeon English. 7" EP (ourselves)

A 6 song 7" of the band's most aggressive songs to date, targeting US militarism, greedy HC bands, homophobia, bosses, partner violence, and religious junk. The first 1000 come on hand screened covers designed by Philadelphia underground artist, Brian Vox of the 1026 Space and Gallery, and quickly sold out and remained unavailable for nearly a year while our lazy asses tried to get new covers printed for the next batch of records.

Finally, the 7" is available again, and Brian's mad cuz we've owed him money forever. The 300 on limited edition white vinyl now gone.

.Kill The Man Who Questions / Shoplifters. split 7" EP (our friends)

Released in the fall of 1997, three fast punk songs from KTMWQ which only appear on this split. Our side is worth hearing just for the great sample in the beginning. Some would say this sounds rawer and punker than our more recent releases.

.Sugar Industry. LP/CD (coalition records)

Released on CD and LP format by Holland's Coalition Records, the same dutchies who delivered records from Drop Dead, MK Ultra, Seein' Red, ChazBronsie, Vorhees, etc. 15 songs of pissed off, "no i don't fit in to your christian, all-american, border-patrolling, booze-guzzling, womanizing skitty shitty system"punk rock. Comes with a nice booklet I made at work. Here's what the critics are saying...

"Probably the best hardcore record since the uppercut LP"--Kent McClard.
"Combining the soulful funk of 24-7 Spyz with the electronica flavor of Morcheeba, this is a real gem, reminiscent of Uniform Choice's Staring at the Sun. How do they keep turning out the hits!?"--Martie Sorrendeguy.
"This is classic, beer-swilling, fist-pumping Oi for the white working class with lyrics that aren't afraid to stand up and say, 'I'm an alchoholic, patriotic shithead.'--Mickey Fitz, The Business.

.Kill The Man Who Questions self-titled. 7" EP (bloodlink records)

Five strong songs with a weak recording, but hey, what do you expect from a bunch of amateurs, anyway? Released in the summer of 1998 before our first big U.S. tour with Inept (featuring future Maximum Rock 'N Roll coordinator Mike Thorn--who played guitar for us in Europe and wore a Crucifix patch and a Seein' Red shirt for 30-days straight). Even if you don't like the songs (you'd have to be nuts not to, we rule), you'll love the artwork equating youth crew revival to "return-to-better-days" right wing nutjob Rush Limbaugh. Oh we're so controversial... and dumb.

.Second Hand Citizens Volume One. 7" Compilation (us and our friends)

This record came out in early 1997 and documented the tail-end of a really exciting time in Philly punk some will fondly look back on as "the Stalag years," where many exciting bands played and influenced the underground scene. The compilation features one exclusive song from us, Ink And Dagger, Underprivileged Nation, Manual Seven and Dis Sucks. Our song, "One Nation Under God," was the first we ever recorded.

.Demo Cleverly Disguised As A 7". Casette Only (OUT OF PRINT)

We recorded a live demo and packaged it as a 7" and filled the inside with broken pieces of other 7"s so people would think...

1) they bought a 7" instead of a demo tape,
2) they'd been ripped off cuz the 7" was smashed inside and
3) we were morons for going through all the trouble.

.Seven Deadly Sins Box Set. 7" Series (Hater Of God Records...Out Soon!!)

Hater Of God Records (Monster X, Human Greed, etc.) will soon be releasing an elaborately packaged box set of 3 split 7"s where each band gets one side of a record based on one of the seven big ones. KTMWQ got "rage," since we're obviously so tough, and shares a 7" with Chicago's MK Ultra who got "envy" and used it as an opportunity to cover four songs from a bunch of bands they envy (faith, feederz, life'sblood and..oh i forget). Also included are the Black Hand and oh I forget.

.NOT COMING SOON. For whatever reason, the following are records rumored to be happening, which are in fact definitely NOT happening:

CD Discography on Bloodlink Records
Split 7" with Murdock on Ed Walters Records
Split 12" with United Super Villains or Dearborn SS on Deranged Records
split 7" with Bratmobile split released between K and Lengua Armada Records
"Droppin' More Suckaz Than A Clumsy Kid At A Lollipop Factory" CD EP on Victory
Most compilations for which we paid to record and designed artwork.

(* All of the above 7"s are available by writing the band for $3.50 US ppd, although we never complain when people round up and send us an even $4.00. The LP is $8.00 US and the CD is $9.00 US. We prefer to deal with well-concealed cash or money orders. Checks are okay too and should be made payable to Andrew Martini)