Kill the Man Who Questions Broke Up in April 2003. The band played its last show on April 21st in Philadelphia with The Great Clearing Off, The Sound of Failure, Del Cielo, Knives Out and spoken word from Allie Pope and Eric Rumpshaker.

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Here's What Some of Us Are Up to Now...

BEAU BRENDLEY, guitarist, now plays in The Curse (Hellbent Records), who just returned home from a tour with Avail of the U.S.A.

JEREMY GEWERTZ, drummer, now plays in An Albatross (When Humans Attack/Bloodlink Records) and Jai Alai Savant, which is a new band with Ralph from Franklin, mixing dub-reggae and punk.

JOE GOUGH, guitarist, continues to sing and play guitar in The Sound of Failure, one of Philadelphia's most passionate punk bands, with records out on Ed Walters Records and When Humans Attack Records. The band is working on its first full-length now.

MIKE MCKEE, vocals, has in the last year roadied for friends in Del Cielo, spending a lot of time in Washington D.C., continued to organize benefit concerts and events in Philadelphia for grassroots groups like Books Through Bars. With Andrew, he helps run Cheap Art Records.

ANDREW MARTINI, bass, still plays with Limpwrist, America's first queer hardcore band. The band has releases out on Paralogy and Lengua Armada, with a seven-inch pending on Cheap Art. Andrew also runs Cheap Art Records.


While most of KTMWQ's releases are still available through writing the band, we realize that some of our vinyl-only releases may be difficult for some people to track down, or listen to if you don't own a record player.

We're currently in the process of re-mastering our many vinyl-only and compilation recordings for inclusion on a master CD to be released on Mike and Andrew's Cheap Art label.

This as-yet-unnamed CD will include our split 7" with The Shoplifters, our debut 7" on Bloodlink Records, our recent "Pigeon English" 7" EP, our songs from the Hater of God "Seven Deadly Sins" Split 7"s boxed set (our's was a split w/ Chicago's MK Ultra), as well as a multitude of compilation songs and random live/interview/soundbyte crap to help set the mood. We are shooting for a summertime release date. Stay in touch for more details.


Before disbanding, KTMWQ recorded the last three songs we'd written together at Clay Creek Studios (Newark, DE) with engineer Nick Rotundo (I Hate You, KTMWQ full-length, Virginia Black Lung, ...).

These last songs will be released by our friend Mike Dailey on his record label, Ed Walters Records, as a split 7" with our close friends in Del The record will be released by our good friend Mike Dailey on his Ed Walters Records label. The record is available both through Cheap Art Records (www.cheap-art.com) and through Ed Walters Records.

old news...


Suffice to say, there's a long list of bad stories you could gather up of bands who feel they've been dissed, dismissed, used, abused and ill-treated by record labels who they thought gave a shit about them and their music. Rather than sit around and shittalk these labels all day, we've decided to take a more constructive route---by self-releasing our last 7" ("Pigeon English" EP) and a CD compilation of our vinyl-only and compilation tracks. Picking up where those releases leave off, Mike McKee and Andrew Martini from KTMWQ are about to launch an as-yet-unnamed record label with the release of a 7" from fellow Philly punkers The Great Clearing Off (www.angelfire.com/punk3/clearingoff). Look for a Spring time release, with releases to follow from The Sound Of Failure and others!


What's a band but a symbol? What's a band but a representation? When I think about bands and shows, I think about memories and experiences and the little windows of something special that helped me escape rotten times or the monotony of the daily grind--the beautiful moments where some peers shared a moment of real intense passion. And these experiences don't end with any specific group of kids who decide to get up and make some noise together. That sort of thing, and the energy that fuels it goes well beyond specific bands, and even well beyond punk, if i dare say.

For the people to whom the band was a tangible, day-to-day thing (namely us and our friends), there is a definite sense of loss. But I take a lot of solace in the fact that everyone in KTMWQ is already involved in other projects and that the end of KTMWQ is in no way a pathetic retirement, but rather a graduation.

We're all very proud of everything we've done with the band, and we want to keep it that way. While we're all confident we could write some more good songs, play some more fun shows, maybe even put out some more good albums, after an impromptu discussion, we realized that not all of us were totally confident that we'd be able to keep on doing the band as it currently stands without repeating ourselves or being tempted to just ride out our previous 'successes' or the little bit of popularity or 'status' that comes with being a +5 year old band with some records out. Punk, or art, or expression--or life for that matter--is best experienced in full, with 100% intensity.

When we suspected that we might not be able to deliver this kind of maximum passion, we decided it was time to move on, to challenge ourselves and our friends in different ways. After all, we've always felt our band was connected to a large degree to the idea of a community, and our band was in many ways a reaction to the things happening around us. In that respect, a band is meant to evolve rather than stand like a monument. A friend from another band (Flashbulb Memory from RVA) put it very eloquently:

"To understand your role as a certain band at a certain time is hard, but it's important. It's a matter of asking yourself if what you're doing is moving things forward or maintaining the status quo... If I were to delete all but two words from this text, it would say 'Reinvent Yourself' in big, block letters--and no, I'm not just talking about bands anymore."

The last five years or so has been an incredible experience for all of us--from our friend's warehouse (a full two doors down from our house!) to squats across Europe--and something that will inform a lot of what we do with our lives from here on out.

So, we'd like to say thank you very much to everyone who we got to share that with, and thank you to all the people who supported us and bent over backwards helping us out with putting on shows, transportation, helping us release our records, coming to a show, listening to what we had to say, and simply keeping in touch.

This 'statement' isn't meant to come across as us being self-important, we just figured we'd address some of the questions people have been asking, and say some goodbyes. Like I said, a band is just a band. And of all the greats, we were just an obscure band from Philadelphia, and I doubt we'll be making any unofficial halls-of-fame. But if for whatever reason, what we did meant something to you, than thank you. I hope we all see you again soon with some new excuse besides the band!