Get Off The Internet!!

Get off the internet! Get Off The Internet!
But, if you feel like ignoring our best advice, here are some interesting,informative sites from bands, organizations, people and record labels that we support or find inspiring...

National Conference On Organized Resistance,
This annual conference held mid-January in Washington DC has become a KTMWQ staple. Each year a collective of activists brings together organizers and speakers and strategists working on a wide variety of social issues to network, educate and agitate. Each year, a large, diverse underground music concert is held on one or two nights of this conference. In the past groups such as Most Secret Method, Q and Not U and others have played. For the past three years KTMWQ and North Carolina's Zegota have performed together at the conference. This year, 2002, will see that tradition continue January 26th with Zegota's last show in the United States before moving collectively to Sweden. Come out! Organize!

Exotic Fever Records,
A unique and inspiring record and fanzine label from Washington DC run by Sara Klemm, Bonnie Schliegel (formerly of Bald Rapunzel) and Katy Otto (Bald Rapunzel/Del Cielo). Recent releases include a split 7" between Homage to Catalonia and Andrea Lisi (of Del Cielo), "And Literacy and Justice For All...," a CD compilation benefiting the DC Area Books To Prisoners Project--songs from Zegota, Virginia Black Lung, Flashbulb Memory, The Assistant, etc. combined with a thick, intense zine of personal writing and prison-related stats and info. Expect a full-length from RVA's Light The Fuse And Run soon!! Check out the January issue of SEVENTEEN magazine for a label profile... or, better yet, toss the magazine in the trash and get in touch with them yourself.

R5 Productions,
As underground music becomes increasingly influenced by the money and machinery of "rock as usual" attitudes and industry, the alternatives created by those who attempt to work outside that model are all the more precious. Sean Agnew is a longtime friend of KTMWQ and a reliable, honest and highly efficient concert promoter. What's more, Sean operates his shows and his R5 Production company in a completely autonomous, independent manner. For a listing of upcoming events in Philadelphia, or to learn more about R5, check out this page!

The Great Clearing Off,
This five-piece Philadelphia band has alot to do with Philly's punk scene being on an exciting and intimate upswing. The band currently has a self-released demo CD with impressive packaging, with a split 7" with the Sound of Failure out soon on Ed Walters Records and a full debut 7" EP out soon as well on an as-yet-unnamed label from Philadelphia.

The Defenestrator,
Philadelphia's radical, anarchist newspaper.!

Soft Skull Press,
An independent, radical publishing company, Soft Skull has released numerous books including Fortunate Son--a controversial biography of George W. Bush, William "Upski" Wimsatt's Bomb The Suburbs and No More Prisons, as well as Mark Andersen's Dance Of Days: 20 Years Of Punk In The Nation's Capital.

On-Line Anarchist Infoshop,
You don't have to be an anarchist to make use of the oodles of information and resources accessible through this site. But, the FBI will still probably start tracking you.

The Sound Of Failure,
A website for one of Philadelphia's best and most sincere punk bands. Heartattack compared them to John Henry West and This Machine Kills, but we know they get jiggy in their own special way.

Ebullition Records/Mailorder and HeartAttack Fanzine,
Ebullition is probably one of the largest hc/punk labels and mailorder distros in the world. It maintains fair, reasonable prices and reliable, efficient service. HeartAttack is a monthly 'zine published by some of the people involved in the label, and some who are not.

Chumbawumba's Webpage,
We might not agree with every decision the band ever made. And we might not ever want to hear "Tubthumping" ever again. Still, this UK band has pulled off a lot of crazy and good things in and outside of 'the system,' working on their own terms. The site is pretty good natured and provides some great info and links.