A lot of people ask "what's your name all about?" Some people, who haven't seen us, sometimes ask what the band is all about. We had trouble deciding on any one easy answer. So, here's a couple of introductions to our silly band:

Kill the Man Who Questions "The crust in our eyes has our vision so blurred we can't differentiate between Cinderella and her sisters. We need to stop our love affair with our own mediocrity before we catch something nasty." Punk rock, Hardcore; the alternative. It's gone, done and dated as the dead. As a rebellion to sexism and racism, we proudly present a whitewashed scene of middle-classed ex-varsity high school heroes alienating the women at the shows, resorting back into a locker-room mentality. As a creative community and a place to have fun, the standard punk/hardcore shows is punctuated by long faces, cool clothes and hands-in-the-pockets boredom and pretension. In our defiant resistance to the commodification and greed of the mainstream music industry we've boldly erected "indie" giants glutted with glossy full-color ads and pretty music from pretty people playing for fame and money. Let these milemarkers of our progress stand as a memorial to the punk rock that meant something. Let us glorify gimmicks, scorning originality, enamored with the corpse of what we think we once had. Let's stay in our places, wait in line, expect nothing, challenge nothing; let us kill the man who questions and rally around the security quickly gained in the rules, standards and status quo created by those who have long since given up on this 'passing trend.' Fuck that." - Mike McKee

..But we thought that seemed a little pessimistic. So, we thought we'd try this:

Life: Be In It!
"Kill the Man Who Questions was formed in 1997 with the intention of bringing kids in the punk scene into a closer, more fulfilling relationship with Jesus Christ. Since our humble beginnings in basements and VFWs, we have built a mighty (and righteous) musical empire spanning several continents. In this world of violence, confusion, suffering, crime and sin, sometimes being a Christian is just about the punkest and most individual choice a young person can make. Jesus welcomes newcomers (probably more warmly than most hardcore scenes, haha) and is waiting for you to make an effort. Kill the Man Who Questions is available to play prayer groups, youth camps, Pro-life rallies, concentration camps, klan meetings and Young Republican social functions and we are reasonable with scheduling and payment. A Life with Jesus is magical....get invovled!!!"

..But we thought too many people might take us seriously and not realize we were being sarcastic. So, we tried a Haiku:

Guitars out of tune,
shitty van broke down again,
"No, shirts are not free."

...But we thought that still left a lot unsaid. So, in desperation we opted for this handy, easy-reference FAQ:

1) What is Kill The Man Who Questions?

Kill the man who questions is a hardcore/punk band from Philadelphia, on the east coast of America. Many supposedly important hardcore bands have come from the east coast such as Sick Of It All, Slapshot, Youth Of Today, Hatebreed, The Ideamen, Shelter, The Casualties and Agnostic Front. We have hardly anything in common with those bands, though.

2) Who is in the band?

Since we're all pretty garrish, foul-smelling people, it's difficult for us to maintain any sort of regular personnel. However, throughout the course of the band, most of the key people have remained the same and the substitution players have been from an extended family of friends and supporters.

3) Wait just a minute, didn't you used to have a chick singer?

It always ruffles our feathers when someone says that.

4) Well, didn't you used to have a female singer?

Yes, we did. Apparently we ruffled her feathers--she left the band in May 2001 after a year or so of declining involvement where she decided this wasn't what she wanted to do.

5) Gonna replace her?

We don't know. We like having more than one voice in the band--both physically, the way it sounds and it terms of having more than one perspective. Several friends have volunteered an interest in singing and playing with us in the future, and we might just take them up on that. If you'd like, you can help us make a decision by voting:

a) for Tony Pointless of Rambo in drag
b) for Adrienne Droogas of Spitboy/Aus Rotten
c) your choice of write-in candidate.

6) Does the band have anything out?

Aside from our bassist, yes, we have released several 7"s, a full-length LP/CD on Coalition Records and contributed to numerous compilations. To learn more about any of our releases, feel free to peruse the Releases link on the main page.

7) Where do good dogs go when they die?

They go to St. Croix Falls, Minnesota where they are happier.

8) Has anyone in KTMWQ ever been in other bands?

Yes. Our bassist Andrew is currently in a band called Limpwrist, who are the first all-queer, sxe hc band featuring members of Hail Mary, Los Crudos and Devoid of Faith. Andrew used to play in a filth-punk band called Dis Sucks, who are immortalized on the jackets of young, South Jersey punks. Both Andrew and Mike have played bass for The Boils, a punk band from Philly who sound much different now but are still playing consistently and on their own terms. Mike also used to play in a noisy, indie punk band who got to be on a 7" comp with Team Dresch called F-80, with Jeremy. Jeremy and Beau are both also currently in a band called Rambo, who are known for their elaborate stage props and antics (including giant paper mache tanks and hellicopters and rumbles between kids dressed as vikings and riot cops). Patrick, our original guitarist, was also in a group called Manual Seven who released a 7" on Profane Existence. Our European guitarist, Mike Thorn, used to play in Inept and Preparation H.

9) What do you think about Northern Ireland?

We think it's all right where it is.

10) I'd like to ask you another question, but I'm afraid you'll kill me. Get it? haha

Yes. We get it. It's the kind of joke a drunk uncle or a cop would make.