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*This Music is Composed on Computer with Music Software *
* Originals heard only here *

* Go to my Bio page for the explanation on how this music was done and the equipment I use.*
BIO Page with My Picture Page Link
Frank DiGiovannangelo

If the song does not sound right go to Sound Card page to find out why
About Audio Cards

New Songs


Page 2
(More songs)
(all Originals)

Page 3
My Avant-Garde Music Page
(all Originals)

More Pages on this Site

The following pages are on an independent server and not a part of this site.
(they are only links to my other sites)
Be Aware that from time to time these sites are refusing MIDI downloads in some Browsers.
It is completely out of my control.

Page 4 at (Some songs work in either Browser.)
Oldies and other Songs I have Sequenced.
Check out "Sha-Boom" - "Sleepwalk" and other songs.

Alternate Site with Key Signatures for musicians to play along.
Page 4 Alternate Link provided by Email request only.
(it will only work in Netscape Browser)

My 70's and on music Page link is listed on page 4

Music from the late 60's and 70's to Today.
(not Originals)

My oldies site listings can also be found
By Google searching for awemusic

Other things I do (no music)
Fishing and Fly Tying Page

Shad fishing on the Delaware River at Trenton N.J. and Salmon and Trout Fly Pictures.

Email Frank:

Put "About your Music" in the subject line or the Email will be deleted.

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* Logo, Background and all MIDI compositions are Copyright by Frank DiGiovannangelo.Phila. Pa. USA. * All rights reserved.

Note - Frank Diangelo and Frank DiGiovannangelo are one and the same person.
"Diangelo" short for DiGiovannangelo for the purpose of recognition only!