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My Favorite Links

Click the flag for The Veteran's Not Forgotten WebRing
Help Bring Home Our POW/MIA Heroes
The POW MIA Site Search Page
(Find what your looking for without all the hassle)

My Favorite MIDI Composers Music Links

Original Compositions and other great arrangements of some old standards By Gene Garretson

Original MIDI Compositions By Richard Martin

Music by Lloyd Canfil (techno music to relax by)

Links to other music sites

My Nephew Tim's Band

Bobaloons Forever Fifties (50's Nostalgia site)

A Century of MIDI Musical Memories (By John H. Foster)

All original compositions by David Grund Jr.

One of the biggest MIDI sites on the net

Visit Enchante's MIDI-GO-ROUND for more music and find out who Bonbon Associates are.

Pictures of Karan and sound clips from her CD's

To find sites with MIDI files, visit

The Internet MIDI Community's List of Sites With MIDI Files

Autoscripter (Links to FREE scripts, clipart, tutorials and more)